This Spiritomb is a ghost/dark-type Pokémon owned by Cynthia.


Spiritomb and Garchomp were first seen next to Cynthia as she suspected and saw Diamond's Tru, Pearl's Chimler and Platinum's Piplup evolve. As she spoke to Platinum and her newly-evolved Prinplup, Spiritomb was playing with Pearl's Chatler. When Prinplup accidentally launched an attack, caused by Diamond's eating. Cynthia had Spiritomb use Psychic to make sure the attack the building next to them and trapped it. Cynthia told Diamond to est it by having Tru use Razor Leaf. Diamond had Tru use it and Spiritomb trapped it also. Once the group left, as Cynthia was talking to herself about the investigation she was on, Spiritomb was behind her. While outside the front of the building, she used the attack from Prinplup to knock out the Team Galactic Grunts and used the other one, containing Tru's Razor Leaf, to cut through the ropes of the tied-up Rad Rickshaw in the building.[1]

Later on, she stormed Cyrus' office at Team Galactic's HQ in Veilstone City. She started a battle between her Spiritomb and his Honchkrow.[2] She commanded it to use Shock Wave, instantly knocking it out. Cyrus then sent out his Weavile and complemented Spiritomb's type and its Special Defense. Suddenly, Spiritomb went back into its stone. She saw that it was frozen and decided to throw it an Aspear Berry, but before it got to Spiritomb, it was skewered, to the shock of Cynthia. Cyrus explaine that he had embargoed it, making Cynthia switch it out for her Milotic.[3] When Cynthia encountered Diamond, Pearl and Platinum inside the building, she reminded them of her training at Eterna City with her Spiritomb, and explained she used it to rescue Rad Rickshaw.[4]

Known moves

  • Using Psychic
  • Using Shock Wave


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