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For other variants of Garchomp belonging to Cynthia, see Cynthia's Garchomp.

This Garchomp is a Dragon/Ground-type Pseudo-Legendary Pokémon owned by Cynthia.


Diamond and Pearl series

Garchomp battled Lucian's Bronzong on television and won, blocking Flash Cannon with one of her fins and then defeating Bronzong with an incredibly powerful Giga Impact, which normally would not do much damage to a Steel type.[1] Cynthia and Garchomp's battle against Bronzong was remembered by Ash, Dawn and Brock, as they were going to Snowpoint City.[2]

Later, when Paul encountered Cynthia, he challenged her to a battle. Paul started with Chimchar who hit Garchomp with Fire Spin before attempting to use Dig. Garchomp used her own Dig attack and then burst out of the ground, still surrounded by Fire Spin, and knocked out Chimchar with one blow. She then endured Weavile's super effective Blizzard, dodged two Ice Beams and defeated Weavile with Dragon Rush. She also used Giga Impact to defeat Murkrow, easily overpowering the Darkness Pokémon's Sky Attack. Finally Paul used Torterra who actually managed to do a fair bit of damage with Giga Drain causing Garchomp to fall to her knees. However, when Torterra attempted to use Frenzy Plant, Garchomp displayed incredible physical strength by blocking all six roots using her fins and shoving them all away before defeating Torterra with a single Brick Break.[1] Paul had Chimchar fight Garchomp under these hard conditions to bring out its power, by activating its Blaze ability.[3]

Garchomp was used to battle battle Team Galactic, when they attempted to steal the Lustrous Orb. When Saturn's Bronzor went to use Hypnosis, her Garchomp used Brick Break to stop it.[4] As Mars joined the fight, Garchomp nevertheless repelled Team Galactic's attacks. It joined with the heroes' Pokémon to retaliate against the commanders' Pokémon.[5] Aaron, facing Cynthia, used Drapion to battle her Garchomp. Moments later, Cynthia's Gastrodon defeated Aaron's Beautifly and earned Cynthia the victory.[6] Later, when preventing Team Galactic from taking over the Pokémon universe by using the powers of Dialga and Palkia, Cynthia went to rescue the heroes. Garchomp ambushed Jupiter, knocking out her Skuntank before restraining her, allowing Cynthia to free the heroes. It later used Draco Meteor to shatter the Red Chain, to free Dialga and Palkia from being controlled.[7]

While having a match against Palmer and his Milotic, it used Dragon Claw, but was blocked from making contact by Milotic using Protect. It was then hit by Milotic's Aqua Ring. They simultaneously used Flamethrower and Ice Beam, to which they cancelled each other's attacks.[8] Ash and Paul remembered Cynthia and her Garchomp, as the former's quote made them determined to have a great battle at the semi-final round of the Sinnoh League.[9]

Flint remembered Cynthia and her Garchomp, having grown courage to face them in battle.[10] Garchomp battled Flint's Infernape when Flint challenged Cynthia for the title of Sinnoh League Champion. Infernape dodged Garchomp's Draco Meteor and attacked with Close Combat. Garchomp smashed Infernape to the ground with Brick Break and then Infernape struck back with Mach Punch before using another Close Combat. Garchomp retaliated with Stone Edge and then intercepted Infernape's Flare Blitz with Dragon Rush creating a huge explosion. When the smoke cleared, Infernape collapsed and Cynthia was announced the winner.[11]

Black and White series

Garchomp also appeared when Cynthia travelled to Unova where she battled Iris' Axew, taking Axew's Scratch and blocking Dragon Rage before almost knocking Axew out with Dragon Rush and Draco Meteor. Axew learned Giga Impact during the battle and actually managed to knock Garchomp off her feet. However Garchomp quickly recovered and would have defeated Axew with Brick Break if Cynthia hadn't called her off at the last moment.[12]

Garchomp was also used during Cynthia's battle with Caitlin, fighting against her Gothitelle. The battle had a one-minute time limit, and Gothitelle was initially able to gain the upper hand by confusing Garchomp with Flatter and then lifting it up in the air with Psychic. However, when Gothitelle threw Garchomp into the air, Garchomp used her feet to propel herself off the ceiling and smashed into Gothitelle with Dragon Rush. She then attempted a Draco Meteor but Gothitelle blocked it by using Thunderbolt to destroy the meteors, creating a fireworks display. The battle ended when the time limit ran out after the two Pokémon's Brick Break attacks collided, resulting in a draw.[13]

Garchomp was also used in the battle against the Weather Trio: it used Dragon Rush to attack Landorus, ignoring its Stone Edge. The Legendary Trio pushed the Pokémon into the sea and attempted to freeze them, but the Pokémon broke out of the ice to continue the battle. The battle was stopped when Meloetta's song calmed the beasts down.[14]

Journeys series

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In PJ083, Garchomp was used to battle an illusory version of herself created by some Unown.

Known moves

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  • Interestingly, when Garchomp battled Iris' Axew, her Brick Break was used with only her claw, whereas in all of her previous uses of the move she used her entire fin. This makes Brick Break look more like Dragon Claw.

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  1. ^ DP040: Top-Down Training!, Garchomp does not have a grooved fin.