The Cyllage City Gym is a Gym located in Cyllage City and the second Gym in the Kalos region.

Upon entering the gym, the player will see a giant stalagmite in the center of the room. At the back are two benches the player can sit on to have a view of a waterfall in the back which also has a rainbow. Here, the player must climb up specific walls to reach the Gym Leader, who resides at the top. There are blue panels on the floors which the player must stand on and get off of to proceed. Along the way, the player must face four trainers before reaching the top. Behind the gym leader is two sets of stairs leading to a climbing wall. Below this are two slides to reach the bottom.

General Information

  • Location: Cyllage City
  • Region: Kalos
  • Gym Leader: Grant
  • Badge: Cliff Badge
  • Dominant Type: Type Rock
  • Recommended Type: Type Grass, Type Water, Type Ground, Type SteelType Fighting

Type Dragon, Type Fairy (For Tyrunt)


Trainer Pokémon Level
File:Rising Star(M)XYsprite.png
Rising Star
557 Dwebble 21
369 Relicanth 23
Gain: Poké Dollar1380
Trainer Pokémon Level
524 Roggenrola 24
Gain: Poké Dollar1344
Trainer Pokémon Level
Rising Star(F)XYsprite
Rising Star
338 Solrock 22
337 Lunatone 22
Gain: Poké Dollar1320
Trainer Pokémon Level
111 Rhyhorn 21
299 Nosepass 21
095 Onix 21
Gain: Poké Dollar216
Gym Leader Grant
Isshu Pokémon League iconCyllage Gym LeaderIsshu Pokémon League icon
CliffBadge Cliff Badge TM39 (Rock Tomb)
Vs. Grant

Amaura XY
 Type Rock Type Ice 
Tyrunt XY
 Type Rock Type Dragon 
Lv. 25 Lv. 25 Lv. ? - Lv. ? - Lv. ? - Lv. ? -
Ability: Refrigerate Ability: Strong Jaw Ability: Unknown Ability: Unknown Ability: Unknown Ability: Unknown
Item: None Item: None Item: ? Item: ? Item: ? Item: ?
Rock Tomb Bite - - - -
Aurora Beam Stomp - - - -
Take Down Rock Tomb - - - -
Thunder Wave - - - - -


  • The Cyllage City Gym is the second gym built inside a cave. The first was the Icirrus City Gym in Pokémon Black and White.
  • The Cyllage Gym is the first Rock-type Gym that is not the first Gym in its region.
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