Crysta Cave is an area in Almia. It is located in the northwestern part of the region, between Hia Valley and a river which connects the cave to the Union Road.


The player character first goes to the Crysta Cave to visit Hia Valley in search for the Blue Gem. The player character needs a Pokémon with the field move River Flow, Floatzel or Empoleon (Empoleon can't be captured before this mission). The player character will cross the river with the Pokémon and enters the cave. Team Dim Sun blocks the exit of the cave when first arriving here with a block of ice. The player character must catch a Pokémon with the field move burn 3 to remove the block of ice to continue the mission.


Wild Pokémon
Pokémon Poké Assist Field Move
PR Pikachu Sprite Pikachu PA Recharge SofA Recharge SOA Recharge 3 Recharge 3
PR Jigglypuff Sprite Jigglypuff PA Normal SofA Normal SOA Tackle 2 Tackle 2
PR Golbat Sprite Golbat PA Flying SofA Flying SOA Cut 2 Cut 2
PR Swinub Sprite Swinub PA Ice SofA Ice SOA Tackle 1 Tackle 1
PR Camerupt Sprite Camerupt PA Fire SofA Fire SOA Burn 2 Burn 2
PR Spheal Sprite Spheal PA Ice SofA Ice SOA Tackle 1 Tackle 1
PR Sealeo Sprite Sealeo PA Ice SofA Ice SOA Crush 2 Crush 2
PR Salamence Sprite Salamence PA Dragon SofA Dragon SOA Crush 4 Crush 4
PR Floatzel Sprite Floatzel PA Water SofA Water SOA River Flow 1 River Flow 1
PR Chingling Sprite Chingling PA Psychic SofA Psychic SOA Teleport Teleport
Wild Pokémon

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