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Crevice Cave is a dungeon in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time, Explorers of Darkness, and Explorers of Sky. There are 15 total floors of Crevice Cave with a rest area after 10F. Froslass serves as the boss of this dungeon at LV 41, but it will not reappear after being defeated. The weather will be clear if there is at least one Golduck on the floor, due to its Cloud Nine ability, and attempts to change the weather will fail. Unlike in the previous dungeon, there are more than 14 kinds of Pokémon, so, in practice, Golduck may not appear on every floor. The weather may also be Hail if there is a Snover on the dungeon floor, due to its Snow Warning ability.


All items in Crevice Cave can be found on any floor. Gravelerocks, Gravelyrocks, Apples, & all types of gummis with the exception of Wonder Gummis can be found in this dungeon as well as Pecha, Oran, Oren, Rawst, & Cheri Berries along with Blinker, Dough, Doom, Reviser, Sleep, Slip, Via, & X-Eye seeds. Power, Special, Twist, & Zinc Bands also appear in Crevice Cave along with All-Hit, Blowback, Cleanse, Escape, Evasion, Foe-Fear, Foe-Seal, Hurl, Petrify, Pounce, Radar, Rebound, Rollcall, Scanner, Switcher, Trapbust, Trawl, & Warp orbs.


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