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This Slowking is a water/psychic-type Pokémon owned by Conway.


Dawn joined Conway, who used Slowking in the Tag Team Tournament. Dawn used Piplup against two opponents' Scyther and Koffing. Taking on offense, Scyther fired Razor Wind, while Koffing used Sludge Bomb, which Piplup and Slowking protected themselves by using Bubble Beam and Safeguard. Koffing fired a Thunderbolt, which Slowking deflected by using Protect. Scyther went to use X-Scissor, but was defeated by Piplup's Peck. Koffing went to use Gyro Ball, but was defeated by Slowking's Psychic.[1] It was later used in the semi-finals to defeat two Trainers.[2]

During his time at the Pokémon Summer Camp, Conway, to protect a Lumineon, sent Slowking to battle Jessie's Yanmega. Yanmega fired Sonic Boom, to which Slowking used Protect, and retaliated with Water Pulse. Yanmega went to use Steel Wing, but Slowking used Protect again and defeated Yanmega with Psychic attack.[3] He used Slowking to participate in the triathlon race. However, when Jessilinda had Seviper attack Conway, he used Slowking to defend himself and defeat Seviper.[4]

However, it was not seen battling in the Lily of the Valley Conference. A powerful fighter, Slowking had a defensive fighting style but was capable of using powerful attacks too.

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