This Gardevoir is a Psychic-type Pokémon owned by Concordia.


Anthea, her Gothitelle, Concordia and her Gardevoir appearing from the fog.

Anthea's Gothitelle and Concordia's Gardevoir came with Anthea and Concordia to help N, who was in trouble. Gardevoir went off with N, Anthea and Concordia to the hideout, with the heroes following them.[1] After placing N in the pool, Anthea and Concordia demanded the heroes to leave. However, N permitted the heroes to stay, since they were his friends. Gothitelle and Gardevoir followed Anthea, Concordia and N, as the latter showed the heroes the hideout. Once the hideout was attacked, Gardevoir used Protect to shield everyone from Team Plasma's attacks. Once every Pokémon from the hideout went off in safety, N, his sisters and their Pokémon retreated from the hideout.[2]

Gardevoir and Gothitelle become possessed by Colress' machine.

Anthea and Concordia arrived to help N, when Team Plasma arrived to awaken Reshiram. Gardevoir used Magical Leaf to free N, while Gothitelle used Psybeam on N's captors. However, Colress used his machine, managing to control Gothitelle and Gardevoir to turn them on Anthea and Concordia, with Gardevoir attacking with Signal Beam. Once Reshiram and Pikachu destroyed Colress' machine, every Pokémon, including Gardevoir, was freed. Anthea and Concordia promised they would be going with N to help Pokémon in need and went off with Gothitelle and Gardevoir.[3]

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