This Klinklang is a steel-type Pokémon owned by Colress.


The Hood Man stood on Klinklang, as he confronted the Elite Four when N's Castle emerged from the ground.[1] Grimsley went to go after him, to which Klingklang used Shift Gear, followed with Gear Grind. Bisharp evaded the attack and retaliated, hitting Klingklang, but the Hood Man retreated.[2]

Colress was with Beheeyem and Klinklang, while speaking to Looker. Looker reminded that Colress didn't use his machine to control his Pokémon while participating in the Unova League, claiming he needed to improve his bonds with his Pokémon.[3]

Colress had Klingklang assist him in the battle against Zinzolin's Kyurem. Klinklang used Autotomize to avoid Kyurem's Glaciate, but was still scratched by the icy attack. Colress' Beheeyem's Wonder Room increased Klinklang's Special Defense to prevent any further damage.[4] Colress stood on Klinklang when he faced Blake, who wanted to take Zinzolin away.[5]

Known moves

  • Using Shift Gear
  • Using Gear Grind


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