This Beheeyem is a psychic-type Pokémon owned by Colress.


During Team Plasma's speeches, Colress had Beheeyem use its psychic powers to have other weak-willed people release their Pokémon. This was to influence other people to do the same.[1]

At the start of his battle against Marlon at the Unova Pokémon League, the Hood Man sent out his Beheeyem, while his opponent sent out Jellicent. Marlon ordered Jellicent to use Scald, which soaked and burned Beheeyem. Hood Man told Marlon that it was okay as it could recover itself. He had Beheeyem use Calm Mind and Energy Ball, which was a direct hit. Marlon became excited and told Hood Man that his Jellicent can also recover. Jellicent then wrapped its tentacles around Beheeyem, which was due to its ability, Cursed Body, which made Beheeyem unable to use Energy Ball. As Beheeyem's shadow moved, to the shock of Marlon, it hit Jellicent. The commentator for the match said it was Shadow Ball and that the battle was over, saying that Jellicent was defeated an Beheeyem won.[2]

The Hood Man sent Beheeyem to battle Cheren's Unfezant. As Beheeyem used Calm Mind and Energy Ball combo, Unfezant avoided the attack. Next, he dived in and used U-Turn, which defeated Beheeyem.[3] As White snooped in the Hood Man's conversation with Grey, the Hood Man's Beheeyem used Teleport to warp him and White away.[4]

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Colress was with Beheeyem and Klinklang, while speaking to Looker. Looker reminded that Colress didn't use his machine to control his Pokémon while participating in the Unova League, claiming he needed to improve his bonds with his Pokémon.[5]

Beheeyem was with its trainer, who was preparing the base for the upcoming war on Unova.[6]

Once Colress found Zinzolin, he had his Beheeyem use Wonder Room to lift Zinzolin up.[7][8] Beheeyem pulled Colress' device, which Zinzolin tried to take.[9] Beheeyem also used psychic powers to take Zinzolin away from Blake.[10]

As Zinzolin refused to speak about the Absorfusion, Colress had Beheeyem use its psychic powers to force Zinzolin to talk about the DNA Splicers.[11] Colress and Beheeyem ambushed Black, White, Blake, Whitley, Gorm and Iris at the Giant Chasm.[12]

Known moves

  • Using Calm Mind
  • Using Energy Ball
  • Using Shadow Ball


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