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Colosseum Master is a Trainer Class only in Pokémon Battle Revolution. They dress in suits (not including Sashay). Sashay dresses in ribbons, miniskirt with shorts and a top.

Colosseum Leaders: Poketopia
Colosseum Master
Joe Colosseum Master: Joe (ジョー Joe)
Colosseum Master Location: Gateway Colosseum (ゲートコロシアム Gate Colosseum)
Colosseum Master: Sashay (リボン Ribbon)
Colosseum Master Location: Sunny Park Colosseum (サニーパークコロシアム Sunny Park Colosseum)
Colosseum Master: Kruger (ルトガー Rutger)
Colosseum Master Location: Courtyard Colosseum (キャッスルコロシアム Castle Colosseum)
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