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This Clefairy, nicknamed Cliffette, is a Normal-type Pokémon owned by Rad Rickshaw.


Team Galactic interrogated Rad Rickshaw, whose Clefairy went to the attic to hide. Since then, they became edgy.[1]

Cliff and Cliffette, at Eterna City, floated above Pearl, who wanted to enter Rad Rickshaw's bike shop. Pearl assumed they were his enemies, who raised their hands to use Lucky Chant. Pearl's Chatler used Chatter and Rayler used Discharge to attack the Clefairy. Rad Rickshaw appeared, and noticed Pearl mistook them as his enemies, since his Clefairy were quite agitated since the incident.[1] Pearl and Rad Rickshaw came to Lake Valor to search for Team Galactic grunts. The latter had sent his two Clefairy to search around. However, he was beaten up unconscious by an Octillery.[2] When the Galactic Bomb exploded, the two Clefairy held Rad Rickshaw's unconscious body, to prevent him from being blown away by the blast.[3] Rad Rickshaw eventually woke up, and he and the two Clefairy became shocked that the entire lake was gone. The also found Pearl lying on the floor, who lost the fight against Team Galactic.[4]

The Clefairy remained with Rad Rickshaw, who panicked on what to do. Much to their surprise, they were encountered by Crasher Wake, whose Floatzel and Quagsire summoned a rain to refill the lake.[5] When Rad Rickshaw finished repairing Pearl's bicycle, he and his Clefairy went to him, who completed his training with Crasher Wake.[6] To help Pearl, Rad Rickshaw gave him the bicycle. He, along with his Clefairy watched Pearl cycle away to the enemy's lair at Veilstone City.[7]

Rad Rickshaw came out of his bike shop with his two Clefairy. However, Giratina's rampage caused him to be unconscious, and Cliff and Cliffette dragged him away from the chaos.[8]

Known moves