For other variants of Excarill belonging to Clay, see Clay's Excadrill.

This Excadrill is a Ground/Steel-type Pokémon owned by Clay.


BW063 17

Excadrill clashes head-on against Boldore.

After his Palpitoad was defeated, Clay, furious how Palpitoad was easily beaten, sent his Excadrill as his final Pokémon. Excadrill used Rapid Spin to deflect Snivy's attacks, including Attract and defeated Ash's Snivy by using Horn Drill. Ash, for his last Pokémon, sent Ash's Roggenrola, who started off with Sandstorm, but was immediately hit by Excadrill's Drill Run. Roggenrola endured Excadrill's attacks, earning Clay's respect. Excadrill tried to finish Roggenrola off with Horn Drill, but Roggenrola evolved into a Boldore and stopped the attack, using Rock Blast to attack Excadrill. Both Pokémon clashed against each other using Rock Smash. However, Boldore managed to inflict major damage and defeated Excadrill, earning Ash a victory for the Gym match.[1]

Ash remembered battling the Unova Gym Leaders, including Clay and his Excadrill, the night before he entered the Unova League.[2]

Known moves

  • Using Rapid Spin
  • Using Horn Drill
  • Using Drill Run
  • Using Rock Smash


  • This is the only Pokémon Clay owns that Ash doesn't and the only Pokémon Clay owns that Iris also owns.

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