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{{AnimeCharacter |region = Hoenn |image = Claire.png |jname = クレア Claire |gender = Female |role = Trainer |friends = Kain (fiancée), Royce (butler), Ash, May, Max, Brock |debut = Going for a Spinda |en_voice = |ja_voice = [[Rebecca Honig}}]] Claire is a character appearing in Pokémon: Advanced Challenge.


Claire met Kain on a flowery field, along with his Spinda. They fell in love and got engaged. However, Kain had to travel to other regions and left his Spinda to Claire.

Season 7: Advanced

One day, Claire's Spinda got lost, as that was the day when Kain was to return to Claire. The heroes met up with Claire and her butler, Royce. Brock tried to impress Claire and decided to help out to find the Spinda. They soon found the heart-marked Spinda, who was taken away by Team Rocket. While the heroes defeated Team Rocket quickly enough, Spinda ran off. Claire, May and Brock were searching for Spinda and climbed to the mountain, where they found it. They came to the top, where Claire realized Spinda wanted her to come there, as Spinda gave her a flower. Claire pointed out that was the place where she and Kain first met. Kain soon arrived, making Claire and Spinda happy. Claire gave Spinda to Kain, who appreciated that. Just then, Team Rocket arrived once more and took Spinda, which made Claire faint. Fortunately, Brock and Ash rescued the Spinda, who was given to Kain. In the end, the heroes wished Claire, Kain and Royce farewell.



Episode appearances

Episode(s) Title(s)
RS057 Going for a Spinda