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Clair is a character appearing in Pokémon Masters. She is the Gym Leader of Blackthorn City in the Johto Region, and gives the Rising Badge to trainers who defeat her. She is also a user of Dragon-types, much like her cousin, Lance who became one of the Elite Four in the Kanto region.


Clair has pale skin, blue eyes and light blue hair, tied in a ponytail with a beige hair band. Two large spiked fringes frame her face and point outward, and a third fringe rests in the center of her face between her eyes. She also has very thin eyebrows, and visible eyelashes.

Clair wears a black and maroon cape with beige shoulder pads, a two-tone blue and light blue skin-tight bodysuit, blue gloves with black bracelets on her wrists, and blue knee-length high heeled boots with black anklets. Clair also wears a blue gem on her neck, resembling a Dragonair's pearl, and beige earrings, shaped like a dragon's tooth.


Clair loves Dragon type Pokémon immensely and likes those who use Dragon type Pokémon which is a reason she is good friends with Lance. She battles with all effort. But she isn’t usually ready to accept defeat.


Clair's game style is useful in 3v3 battles. Her strongest move Draco Meteor can deal massive damage but it sharply lowers her Special Attack. Her Item Move and Trainer Move can, however, be used to increase or restore these decreased stats but since these moves can be use limitedly, Clair isn't viable in longer battles and is overshadowed by other dragon strikers such as Iris and Sygna Suit Cynthia.


230Kingdra Masters.png
Dragon Dragon Masters.png
Weakness to type
Dragon Dragon Masters.png
Sp. Striker Sp. Striker Role.png
4 Stars 4 Stars Potential.png
Primary: Dragon Breath, Draco Meteor
Sync move: No Mercy Dragon Pulse
Trainer move: Victory is Mine!
Item move: X Sp. Atk


  • Clair's gameplay is identical to that of Gardenia. Clair’s strong move deals high damage but lowers Sp. Attack. Her trainer move restores the lowered stats and has X Sp. Atk as her item move. Gardenia has all these, as well. However, Gardenia's trainer move inverts the lowered stats instead.


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