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Circhester is a city in the Galar region, and home to the Circhester Stadium. It is a snowy town famous for the bath in the center of the city.

Places of Interest

Pokémon Center

A Pokémon Center is located in the southwest corner, near the entrance to Route 8.

Hair Salon

A hair salon is located in the southeast corner, near the entrance to Route 9.

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Hotel Ionia

Logo of Hotel Ionia

The Hotel Ionia is located near the fountain in the south. It consists of two buildings, with each having a mirrored layout of each other.

The western hotel contains more NPCs based on the developers of Pokémon Sword and Shield. The game director can be found inside the leftmost room, and he will give the player a Catching Charm when interacted with, then a Shiny Charm with a certificate after completing the main Galar Pokédex. In the room second from the left, GAME FREAK's Morimoto can be battled once the player has become the Champion. He will give the player the Oval Charm once defeated.

In the second-from-left room in the eastern building, there is a small side quest in which a detective called Howses is concerning the culprit of the crime of eating the basket of Berries in the lobby. The player, as his assistant, should listen to the three suspect's story and conclude who the culprit is. After interacting with the three suspects, a Skwovet owned by one of the suspects comes. By selecting Skwovet as the suspect, Howses thanks the player for solving the mystery and gives a Wide Lens.

Hero's Bath

The Hero's Bath, also known as the Circhester Bath, lies in the center of the city. It is stated to be where the Heroes of Galar washed their wounds.

Move Tutor

A man standing on the west edge of the Hero's Bath can teach the player's Pokémon Draco Meteor.

Bob's Your Uncle

Logo of Bob's Your Uncle

Bob's Your Uncle is a restaurant located west of the Hero's Bath. Hung on the wall is a burned tapestry the chef bought at the antique market, apparently being the continuation of the four tapestries in the Hammerlocke Vault.

Sonia and Hop come here to celebrate the player's completion in the Circhester Gym, and end up investigating the tapestry as it is related to the legend of the Darkest Day.


A boutique is located east of the Hero's Bath.

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Circhester Stadium

Main article: Circhester Stadium

The Circhester Stadium is located at the north end of the city. In Sword, the Gym is lead by Gordie and specializes in Rock types, while in Shield, its Gym Leader is Melony and uses Ice-type Pokémon.


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