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Cinnabar Island (グレンタウン Guren Town) is an island in Kanto. The Pokémon Mansion is located here. Blaine is the resident Gym Leader here in Generation I and Generation III. The Cinnabar Lab is also located here. In Generation II, a volcano erupted leaving only the Pokémon Center and forcing Blaine to move his gym to the Seafoam Islands. The coast on the East side is famous for the Missingno Glitch.


Generation I

Generation II

Generation III


Generation I

Cinnabar Island has a population of 33 people.

Generation II

The island population is 9 people, all only present in the Pokémon Center, due to the eruption that had happened a year before the events of Pokémon Gold and Silver.

Generation III 

FireRed and LeafGreen adds three more people to the island, making the population 36.

Generation IV

In HeartGold & SoulSilver, the island's population is 9. The only building on the island is a Pokémon Center since the island has been overwhelmed by an eruption a year prior to the game's events. In addition, rocky walls can be found on the island that can be scaled by using Rock Climb.


  • Cinnabar Island is based on the real-life Izu Ōshima, a volcanic island located off the coast of Japan. The volcano's last major eruption in 1986 forced a temporary evacuation of the island.


In other languages

Language Name
English Cinnabar Island
Spanish Isla Canela
Italian Isola Cannella
French Cramois'île
German Zinnoberinsel
Japanese グレンタウン
Korean 홍련섬
Simplified Chinese 红莲镇
Traditional Chinese 紅蓮鎮
Hindi सिनबॉर द्वीप
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