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Cianwood City is an island town located in the southwest part of the Johto region. It is believed to be an island due to its strong sea-side aesthetics, but it is on a peninsula and can only be reached by sea travel. Johto's Fighting-type expert, Chuck, runs the Cianwood City gym. One can also obtain the Secret Potion here from the Pharmacy to cure Jasmine's Ampharos from its headache. This city is inaccessible until the Hidden Machine, Surf, is obtained. Many of the people in this city talk about Lugia, most likely because one of the Whirl Islands is located to the east. There is also a cave entrance, Cliff Edge Gate, which leads to Route 47. After beating Chuck, his wife will give the player character HM02 (Fly).


Cianwood City is the location of the 4th gym in the Johto Region. This is also where the Cianwood City Pharmacy is located in place of the Pokemart.


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Areas of Interest

Kirk's House

Kirk is a trainer that lives in Cianwood City. Before meeting him, Silver shows up at his house and bullies him until Kirk is forced to give Silver his Sneasel. When showing up, Kirk asks to hold onto his Shuckle until he's sure Silver won't come back. Later, Kirk asks for it back, and if agreed with him he will let the player character keep his Shuckle. If the player character declines, he will call them a thief.

Cianwood City Pharmacy

The Cianwood City Pharmacy is a small, old pharmacy located in the southern part of the city. It is a compact pharmacy that has been running for over 500 years. It replaces the Poké Mart for the town, like the Souvenir Shop in Mahogany Town. The Secret Potion is sold here and given to the player character after they have met Jasmine at the Lighthouse.




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In Machoke, Machoke Man!, Ash and his friends arrived there for the former to have his Gym battle against Chuck.

In Octo-Gridlock at the Gym!, Ash and Goh went to Johto for Ash to have a rematch against Bea for the World Coronation Series. At the Gym, Ash yet again meets Chuck and, after a long battle against Bea's Pokémon, Ash eventually came out on top.


  • In the Sinnoh arc, Cynthia gives the player character some medicine from Cianwood. Surprisingly, it is put in the key items part of the bag, as it is used only at a specific point in the game.
  • In the Gold, Silver and Crystal games, Cianwood and Ecruteak City share the same city music. In HeartGold and SoulSilver, each city's music is unique, but they both share the same base.
  • In Crystal, HeartGold, and SoulSilver, the player character battles with Eusine after seeing Suicune.


In other languages

Language Name
English Cianwood City
Spanish Ciudad Orquídea
Italian Fiorlisopoli
French Irisia
German Anemonia City
Japanese タンバシティ
Korean 진청시티
Hindi सीअनवुड शहर
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