This ability is open to mainly Grass types, and it allows their speed to go up if it is sunny weather. Like Swift Swim in Rainy weather.


Pokémon Sprite Type Obtained
Bulbasaur 001 Type GrassType Poison Dream World
Ivysaur 002 Type GrassType Poison Dream World
Venusaur 003 Type GrassType Poison Dream World
Oddish 043 Type GrassType Poison Natural
Gloom 044 Type GrassType Poison Natural
Vileplume 045 Type GrassType Poison Natural
Bellsprout 069 Type GrassType Poison Natural
Weepinbell 070 Type GrassType Poison Natural
Victreebel 071 Type GrassType Poison Natural
Exeggcute 102 Type GrassType Psychic Natural
Exeggutor 103 Type GrassType Psychic Natural
Tangela 114 Type Grass Natural
Bellossom 182 Type Grass Natural
Hoppip 187 Type GrassType Flying Natural
Skiploom 188 Type GrassType Flying Natural
Jumpluff 189 Type GrassType Flying Natural
Sunkern 191 Type Grass Natural
Sunflora 192 Type Grass Natural
Seedot 273 Type Grass Natural
Nuzleaf 274 Type GrassType Dark Natural
Shiftry 275 Type GrassType Dark Natural
Tropius 357 Type GrassType Flying Natural
Cherubi 420 Type Grass Natural
Tangrowth 465 Type Grass Natural
Leafeon 470 Type Grass Dream World
Sewaddle 540 Type BugType Grass Natural
Swadloon 541 Type BugType Grass Natural
Leavanny 542 Type BugType Grass Natural
Cottonee 546 Type Grass Dream World
Whimsicott 547 Type Grass Dream World
Petilil 548 Type Grass Natural
Lilligant 549 Type Grass Natural
Maractus 556 Type Grass Natural
Deerling 585585A585B585C Type NormalType Grass Natural
Sawsbuck 586586A586B586C Type NormalType Grass Natural
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