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What is with you guys? You're creepy.

–Chloe to Ash Ketchum and Goh

Chloe Cerise is a character appearing in the Pokémon Journeys: The Series. She is the daughter of Professor Cerise and Talia Cerise, and Parker Cerise's older sister. She normally attends school in Vermilion City.

Although Chloe is 10 years old,[1] she stayed in school, instead of traveling on a Pokémon journey. This was until she grew closer with the family pet Yamper when he protected her from a Gengar, followed by her finding an Eevee and deciding to capture her, making her become her partner. Thus, she decided to travel with her childhood friend Goh and Ash Ketchum to help with her father's research occasionally.


Chloe with her dad's Yamper.

Chloe is a short and slender young girl with maroon long hair that appears to reflect light in the shape of a flower, fair skin, and green eyes. She also braids her hair and keeps it in a side ponytail with a cherry blossom-shaped scrunchie.

For clothing, Chloe wears a school uniform that consists of a baggy white dress with blue anchors on the sides, a blue-and-white collar around her shoulders, and a yellow ribbon around her neck. Chloe wears a pair of mid-knee dark gray socks on her feet, which have white lines on the top of them. She wears a pair of short white boots that match her dress. Her bootstrap is navy blue and she has white Velcro straps that are connected to small golden buttons. The rims of her soles are dark gray to match her socks and her boot soles are the same color. Much of her school outfit also has yellow accents. To keep her homework and school materials safe, she carries a brown school bag around with her. The bag has different pockets for storage and gold-colored buckles.

When she isn't attending school, Chloe wears a light pink dress over a white shirt. She also wears white socks. Sometimes, Chloe has been seen wearing a striped gray shirt with yellow suspenders and black and white shoes and a backpack.

Ever since becoming a Trainer, Chloe has been seen wearing a pink blouse that has flower prints alongside a yellow jacket tied around her waist and sky blue jeans, and pink mini-boots during her trips to Galar. During her first visit to Sinnoh, Chloe wears a light blue t-shirt with dark blue capris and pink patterns on the bottom, and a pair of brown boots. She also wears a brown hat and backpack.

For swimwear, Chloe wears a white two-piece swimsuit with a pink flower pattern on the bottoms, which are styled as shorts, a frilled top with a pink bow on the top edge, and white sandals with pink straps in The Cuteness Quotient!

When Chloe goes to sleep, she wears a simple white top with a red ribbon and pink shorts and wears her hair down. (While her mother Talia once drew a picture of a pajama-clad Chloe with pink feet, she doesn't wear socks when she sleeps.) In Restore and Renew!, she wore a white set of pyjamas with a floral design on the pocket.

When not in her usual braid, Chloe’s hair becomes much messier and cannot be brushed when down. She is insecure and struggles with this, so she generally avoids letting it down around her friends.

When not


On the outside, Chloe appears to be detached and cold when she talks to other people. She is also very aloof as she prefers to keep things to herself most of the time, but she does have a few friends. Despite this, Chloe has a prickly side, as she often gets verbally aggressive towards people that upset her. She is easily exasperated and dislikes when people make assumptions about her, which has caused her to put up a wall around herself. In the end, she’s still a kind person who loves and cares for the people around her, and gradually opens up to the world as her journey begins (specifically demonstrated in her relationship with Dawn).

Before the events of "Best Friend... Worst Nightmare!", Chloe also grew to be afraid of Pokémon when her father introduced Yamper and ended up scaring her and making her cry as he continued to follow her around, even though she repeatedly told him to stop, until she eventually told him to leave her alone for good. After Yamper ran away sadly, she realized the mistake she made and started searching for him. While she was trying to find Yamper, a group of Venonat approached her, and she became petrified. However, Yamper appeared and rescued her by scaring them off. This event caused her and Yamper to become close, and they started to share her bedroom. However, Chloe forgot about the experience. Since then, she would not be afraid of Pokémon but also disliked when people make assumptions about how she must like them, due to being Professor Cerise's daughter. Chloe would treat her own family's Yamper with coldness and scorn before he not only saved her from a Gengar but also when she remembered that he saved her from the Venonat when she was little. Also, Chloe has grown to love Pokémon again, especially when she found a wild female Eevee as she bonded with her and Yamper. After getting her first Pokémon and her own Rotom Phone, Chloe decided to become a Pokémon trainer with Eevee as her partner.

Chloe also seems to have difficulty with socialization and be fairly introverted, as she is often annoyed or upset by the people she talks to, even her own family members. Having to deal with Goh and her father's antics for most of her life may have been the catalyst, but whether or not this is the case remains to be seen. However, Chloe is still, at heart, a caring person who loves the people in her life and will always look out for them.

Upon meeting Dawn, Chloe learns to not rush into things and have fun. Also, Chloe seems to have taken an interest in Pokémon Contests. (This is confirmed in the visuals of the, as this is being written, new Japanese opening theme, which shows her and Eevee in what could be interpreted as a contest.)


Chloe is good at gardening as she takes care of the flowers at her school. Also, Chloe is good at cooking various things, such as sweets and preparing a stew. During her time with Dawn, Chloe learns about first aid as she helps her treat the Legendary Pokémon Cresselia. Chloe seems to have the ability to understand the feelings of Pokémon.



Professor Cerise

Chloe and her father.

Since Professor Cerise is Chloe's father, she naturally loves him. They share a healthy, loving relationship, but like with any family, their bond isn't perfect because Professor Cerise's antics and childlike wonder for everything often embarrasses his daughter, prompting her to scold or snap at him in an attempt to reign him in. Despite this, Chloe does take some of her dad's advices to the heart, especially about Pokémon.


Chloe and her mother

Talia is Chloe's mother, so she loves her very much. Unlike with her father and brother, however, Chloe seems to get along with her mother much more than the males in her family—she doesn't get annoyed by her mother, and she doesn't snap at her. Chloe even goes to her mother for advice whenever something troubles her.


Chloe and Parker.

Unlike some siblings, Chloe and Parker seem to get along well, with little to no rivalry or major fights. However, while Chloe's brother supports her, they don't completely see eye to eye, and Parker sometimes annoys her.



Chloe and Goh.

Chloe and Goh are childhood friends. While she doesn't like Goh's boastfulness and hyper attitude, she cares about him, often frequently reminding him to behave and do his homework. She also sometimes gets concerned for his safety, especially after he became her father's assistant along with Ash. However, overtime, Chloe sees that Goh has truly changed as a person through his travels and Ash's influences, and begins to open up to him as her friend and tag along on journeys. Her friendship with him is arguably one of the things that pushed her into her eventually discovered love for Pokémon, and current position in the series.

Chloe and Goh when they were younger.

Chloe does open up to Goh about her problems sometimes and would go to him for help whenever she needed it. In Restore and Renew!, Chloe starts to admire Goh for willing to go extended lengths to get a Pokémon trust, confidences and courage.


Chloe and Ash.

Chloe doesn't have the strongest friendship with Ash. When they first met, Chloe was suspicious of Ash and quickly shuffled away without talking to him, a suspicion probably enhanced by her Yamper electrocuting him. Since then, Chloe has said almost nothing to Ash, despite his good nature and his willingness to be friends with her. However, over time, Chloe has come to see Ash as a good friend and begins to be on better terms with him, which was shown when he aided her in carrying the fossil she found. Chloe even respects Ash, especially that he tries to keep Goh out of trouble and helps him. Also, Chloe has some admiration for Ash as she looks up to him for being compassionate and willing to be friends with Pokémon.


Chloe and Dawn.

Chloe met Dawn when she and her Piplup followed the smell of her cooking, and after a few episodes’ interactions, she is shown to look up to, care for and strongly admire her as a role model and friend. Hearing that they were going to the same place, Chloe and Dawn decided to go together. However, their personalties clashed, which led them into an argument with each other. However, after working together when danger hit, Chloe and Dawn fixed things between the two of them. The two are shown to grab each other's hands without realizing it, and smile at each other after battling a Rhydon together. Chloe even took Dawn's advice to the heart and learned through her how to have fun instead of being so serious too often, repeatedly saying her catchphrase, “no need to worry”, at various points during and after the arc. Chloe is impressed and inspired with the various contests Dawn has entered in the other Regions and that her mother was once a top coordinator. In addition, Chloe is surprised that Dawn is a friend of Ash and that he was one of her former traveling companions back when she started her journey. Hearing that her Piplup went missing, Chloe insisted on joining Ash and Goh in order to help Dawn find her partner.


Chloe first met Serena when her Eevee sensed a Sylveon practicing for a Contest Spectacular.




Chloe and Yamper.

At first, Chloe treated her family's Yamper with coldness and indifference, despite the fact that he loved her more than anyone else. She didn't care for the Pokémon at all, even though it was entirely devoted to his "mistress" and fiercely protected of her. However, when she was younger, Chloe was jealous of Yamper as he got the attention from her parents instead of her as he told her to leave, which he did. Hearing that he ran away, Chloe realized her mistake and went looking for him but he ended up saving her from a group of Venonat. Ever since, Chloe and Yamper became close as they share a room together but still kept her distance from him. Although she eventually gained a newfound respect for the Pokémon when he saved her, her dad and her friends from an enraged Gengar, Chloe still act distanced around Yamper but did it less than she used to. However, after remembering her past and feeling remorse for who she was back then, Chloe started treating Yamper with more kindness and has come to truly care for him more than she ever did. Also, Chloe doesn't hesitate to use Yamper in battle whenever she needed him too.


Chloe and Eevee.

Chloe first meets Eevee when Yamper brought her to her as they quickly bonded. Also, Chloe was willing to protect Eevee when she believed that the researchers chasing her were bad people. However, after everything was explained and Eevee wanted to stay with her, Chloe officially caught her as her first Pokémon and partner. In addition, Chloe and Eevee not only became a team but also best friends. Chloe enjoys spending time with Eevee and even gets encouragement from her.


Chloe and Goh attending Professor Oak Pokémon camp.

When Chloe was young, she invited her childhood friend Goh to go to Professor Oak's Pokémon Summer Camp with her. During their visit in Pallet Town, Chloe and Goh encountered the Mythical Pokémon, Mew. The two chased after the unknown Pokémon, but it eventually got away in the aftermath of a baby Kangaskhan rescue. Professor Oak later confirmed that the Pokémon they saw was most likely the Mythical Pokémon Mew.[2]

Soon after, her father, Prof. Cerise introduced her to their new family pet, Yamper. Upon meeting Chloe, Yamper became very excited, however, it ended up scaring Chloe and making her cry. Yamper continued to follow Chloe around, even though she repeatedly told it to stop, until she eventually told it to leave her alone for good. After Yamper ran away sadly, she realized the mistake she made and started searching for it. While she was trying to find Yamper, a group of Venonat approached her, and she became petrified. However, Yamper appeared and rescued her by scaring them off. This event caused her and Yamper to become close, and they started to share her bedroom. Chloe would later forget this experience, which would cause her to be afraid of Pokémon for a long time until Professor Cerise would bring it up years later.

Pokémon Journeys: The Series

Chloe with her dad, Goh and Ash.

Four years later, after Chloe came home from school one day, she was greeted by her Yamper and a weird sight: an electrocuted Ash lying on the ground. Becoming suspicious of the injured boy, Chloe quickly shuffled away and didn't talk to him or get concerned. Chloe then wondered where Goh was, becoming annoyed shortly after when he sent her a message saying he'd be late for the opening ceremony of her father's research institute. After the two boys got back from their adventure with Lugia, Chloe met up with them. She admonished Goh for being late and gave him his homework, becoming angry when he complained about it. Later that same evening, Chloe had to remind her father to give Goh a Kanto Starter Pokémon. When Goh refused, saying that he wanted Mew, both the professor and his daughter were dumbstruck.[3]

Then, some time after Ash caught a Dragonite, Chloe almost missed school one day due to sleeping in too late. While her brother Parker‘s attempts to get her out of bed were fruitless at first, Chloe's mother, Talia, eventually made her crack by saying that she wouldn't have time to braid her hair. Chloe groggily fussed about on top of her bed for a bit before she eventually came to her senses, blushing in embarrassment afterwards. Chloe's mother then helped her get ready for school, and they ate breakfast shortly after. While Chloe's family ate, her Yamper begged her for food, refusing to eat unless if she was the one that fed it. Chloe's family briefly mused about the fact that although the Yamper loved Chloe the most out of everyone in her family, she was the one who treated it the coldest (which shocked her). After they finished eating, Chloe's father took her and Yamper on a car ride, where the Pokémon tried to express its unwanted love for Chloe by licking her face. After she got out of the car, Chloe briefly met up with Ash and Goh. She then left Yamper behind with the two boys while she went to school, much to its disappointment. During her time at school, Chloe got bullied by a classmate, causing her to seek her mother out for advice. When Chloe eventually came back home after a long day at school, her father instructed her to command Yamper to use an attack against an evil Gengar. Since Chloe wasn't a battler, she internally struggled for a bit, but she eventually commanded Yamper to use Spark, resulting in the troublesome Pokémon being blasted out of the building. Later, Chloe cuddled in bed with Yamper, happy that he saved her and having a newfound appreciation for him.[4]

Chloe and Parker later joined Goh's team during a Pokémon Orientation event. While Parker excitedly looked for Pokémon such as Nidoran♂, Nidoran♀, Oddish, and Poliwag so that Goh could catch them, Chloe was much less interested in the event as a whole. Later, when two mysterious people approached and said that Lugia had appeared, Chloe was shocked when Yamper immediately began to want to battle. However, Yamper was quickly captured, along with Pikachu and Raboot, and the two mysterious people revealed themselves as Team Rocket. Team Rocket began to escape in their balloon but were knocked back down to the ground when the real Lugia, unbeknownst to everyone, it was actually Mew in disguise, blasted the balloon. Jessie and James then summoned the Rocket Prize Master and received a Skarmory and Crobat. Team Rocket was defeated by Ash and Goh and they were able to conclude the event safely. During the closure, Chloe encountered a Farfetch'd that had previously evaded Goh's attempts at capturing twice before. She quickly told Goh and Goh decided it was time to finally finish it, and managed to capture it after tricking it with a slow ball.

While Chloe was on a day off, a Pidove flew into her window and injured its wing. When her family decided to take care of it, she grew to like it a lot, much to Yamper's dismay. Prof. Sakuragi recognized that Yamper was jealous that Chloe had to split her time between both Pidove and it. The next day, Chloe returned from school to see Pidove messing with Yamper, but Yamper eventually gave up trying to stop it. Chloe didn't understand why Yamper was jealous, even though she was still showing it attention. Prof. Sakuragi decided to tell Ash, Goh, and Chloe about how she got into the argument with Yamper and how Yamper saved her from those Venonat all those years ago. Chloe slowly began to remember what happened, upset that she had been so mean to it when she was a kid. Yamper then cried from outside, and the group ran outside to see Yamper and Pidove being attacked by a Fearow. Chloe remembered that Yamper knew Spark and had it attack Fearow, which was knocked out instantly. Chloe then said goodbye to Pidove when it's trainer returned to pick it up after seeing a missing Pidove report. Chloe was sad but recognized that it would be happier with its real trainer. She then took interest in a book her father had wrote that talked about what everyone needed to do to protect Pokémon and Human relationships.[5]

When Pikachu started to act strangely, Chloe was able to accurately tell that Pikachu was jealous of Riolu based on her experiences dealing with Yamper's jealousy of Pidove.[6]

Eventually, Chloe received a call from her brother Parker that his friend, Jinny, was feeling sad because her friends were making fun of her Feebas. As this was a Pokémon issue, Chloe went to Ash and Goh for advice. Eventually, Nami came to Cerise Laboratory after learning that Feebas could evolve into Milotic. However, Ren said that evolving Feebas into Milotic was very difficult, which discouraged her from trying it. Chrysa later suggested that they should participate in the Water-type Pokémon Friendship Contest at Slateport City in the Hoenn region, and if they won, her friends would have no choice but to accept that Feebas was great. They then went to Cerise Park to create a performance, but when Nami learned that she would have to swim, she became anxious because she didn't know how to swim. Chloe decided to step up and help Nami learn how to swim, and she also had Ash and Goh teach Feebas how to swim more gracefully. While training, Goh pointed out to Chloe that he thought she didn't like Pokémon, but she deflected her opinion by saying that she just wanted to see Nami win after all her hard work. All of them then went to Slateport City to watch the contest. While they were having a discussion, Chloe became upset when Goh got distracted and caught a Wingull. Chloe, Parker, and the boys later witnessed how Team Rocket attempted to rob all of the kids' Pokémon, as well as Feebas' evolution into Milotic. After Team Rocket was blasted off and Nami won the contest, Chloe said that she believed that Pokémon truly were amazing.[7]

Chloe was later seen having some difficulty in deciding the theme of her research project, so her father suggested to do the project on fossils at the Pewter Museum. Though reluctant, Chloe was dragged by Ash and Goh who wanted to see the giant Shieldon exhibit. After arriving in Pewter City, Chloe, Goh and Ash sees that the line for the Shieldon exhibit was long. Seeing this, Chloe comments to the two boys that they can't see now until they noticed a different line as Ash and Goh drag her again towards it. Realizing its an area where you dig up real fossil, Chloe wasn't interested in digging up any while Ash and Goh quickly did. However, hearing an inspiration speech about how fossil bring mystery and wonder from Curator, Chloe was inspired to look for some for her project. Although she found one, Chloe's fossil wasn't one that can't be restored. Chloe and Ash waited Goh to finish as he continue his search until he discover an old Ember. After Curator offer to restore it for Goh, Chloe and her friends stay at the Pokémon Center for the night. However, hearing an explosion at the museum, Chloe, Goh and Ash arrive at the scene but find out that the old ember was restored sooner along with the restoration machine being destroyed. While looking for the Pokémon, Chloe and Ash encounter Team Rocket as they discover that they were responsible for sabotaging the restoration machine. Chloe goes to find Goh as Ash stayed behind to deal with Team Rocket. Finding Goh dealing with an Aerodactyl that was restored, Chloe explains her friend the situation then witness him trying to calm it down. After it was calmed down and caught by Goh, Chloe was not only amazed by how much her friend had changed during his travels with Ash but also for showing compassion and patience with his newly caught Pokémon. Once they returned to Vermilion City, Chloe tells Goh, Ash and her dad how much fun she had in Pewter City.[8]

Chloe meeting Eevee for the first time.

Chloe and Goh were heading to school together where her close friend asked her about catching her very own Pokémon. Although she knows Yamper belong to her family, Chloe told Goh that maybe she won't catch a Pokémon and explains to him about her experience about finding a path in class, which he understood. After meeting up with their teacher, Chloe became surprised that Goh promised to be in school whenever there was an exam. While taking an exam, Chloe hears Yamper outside as she left her classroom to see why her Pokémon friend was on campus. Meeting up with Yamper, Chloe follows him to the garden where she meets a female Eevee as they easily became amazed by each other. Seeing two people with a net, Chloe mistaken them for bad people and picks Eevee up. Chloe reached out to Goh for help as she explains the situation to him and helps them get away from the two people.

However, after arriving at the playground where the Pokémon were playing, Chloe, Goh, Yamper and Eevee discovered the Pokémon captured in a net, including Goh's Cinderace and Sobble, by Team Rocket. Seeing that Yamper wants to battle and rescue the Pokémon, Chloe battles them with Eevee, who was amazed by their willingness to help others, helping them out while Ash and Pikachu rescued the captured Pokémon as they successfully send Team Rocket blasting off. Later, Chloe and Goh discover that the two people that were chasing Eevee were researchers that do research on her species along with her evolved forms. After apologizing for the misunderstanding, Chloe sees Eevee going back with them but she jumps out of the head researchers arms and runs to her arms as Ash points out that the Evolution Pokémon really likes her. When the head researchers sees that she bonded with her and explains about how she can't evolve, Chloe happily accepts taking Eevee as her partner as she wanted her to stay with her as well. After been given a Poké Ball by Goh, Chloe happily catches Eevee as her very first Pokémon. Chloe brings her partner and best friend out as they happily embraced each other. Later, Chloe was happy that Eevee was playing with Yamper, Sobble and Pikachu then was given a Rotom Phone by her father.[9]

Chloe going to Galar for the first time with Goh and Ash.

Chloe was coming back to the Cerise Laboratory from school then brings Eevee out of her Poké Ball and happily belly rubs Yamper. However, Chloe was called in by her dad as she comes in to see that Ash and Goh were being contacted by Curator as he needed their help in his Fossil research in the Galar region. At first, Chloe wasn't sure because of school but changed her mind through Eevee's encouragement. While on the plane, Chloe was looking at her phone that explained about the assessment she needed to do for school then looks at the view with Eevee as they were amazed. After landing and arriving in the Wild Area, Chloe and her friends were able to reach their destination as they help two scientists dig up the Fossil. Chloe and her friends were witnesses when the fossil come together then resorted to two different species of Pokémon. However, when the two Fossil Pokémon went out of control, Chloe was almost hit by an attack but Eevee pushed her out of the way. Chloe was a witness when Ash and Goh tamed the two Fossil Pokémon then caught them, which impressed her along with her partner. After returning to Kanto, Chloe told her dad that she had fun then went home to write her report for school. While writing, Chloe sees that Eevee fell asleep then said good night to her while she resuming her writing.[10]

Returning home from school and while waiting for her father, Chloe looked for a book in her father's library and came across one that has a picture of Galarian Ponyta and Rapidash but soon after she had a vision about the real pair. After informing her father, she went to the Galar region with Ash and Goh and the group made their way to the Glimwood Tangle. While the boys ran off, Chloe saw the Ponyta from her vision and followed it down a crevasse where it was trying to help its evolved form Rapidash. Carrying with the story with her, Chloe suggested using the dew from the rainbow flowers. Upon finding the plant, they came across a trio of mischievous Impidimp, who stole Chloe's bag. The three Impidimp eventually gave back Chloe her bag after playing with Chloe and Eevee, allowing her Eevee and the Ponyta to receive the dew. Returning to Rapidash, the group managed to heal it and as thanks, Chloe and her Eevee were offered a ride out of the forest by the One-Horned Pokémon pair and reunited with her friends. The trio then returned home to Vermilion City.[11]


On hand

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Eevee *

Owns as a pet

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Yamper *

Traveling with


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Pidove *

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Ponyta *


  • Marine Athletic Race (Kids division): Unknown
  • Alcremie-ful Decoration Tournament: Participant


  • Chloe also appears in a short manga called Daisuki ♥ Pocket Monsters (I Love ♥ Pokémon), where her personality is vastly different from her anime appearance. In the manga, Chloe is much happier and explicitly says that she loves Pokémon, whereas her anime incarnation originally could not stand them. Additionally, Chloe also has another friend that only appears in the manga: a little blonde girl named Mika that loves Pokémon and has a wild enthusiasm for them.
  • One of the highlights in her hair is shaped like a flower.
  • She is Ash's first traveling companion to be related to a Pokémon Professor.
  • Although she normally appreciates her mother's illustrations, she doesn't really like drawings that involve her with messy bed hair, even though her mother explains to her that it is only a fictional creation.
  • Like May, Serena, and Lana, Chloe obtained an Eevee.
    • Plus, the Eevee that Chloe caught isn't a wild Pokémon, like May's Eevee who hatched from an egg.
  • Like Tracey Sketchit, Chloe, unlike Ash's other traveling companions, is given a surname in the dub.
    • Additionally, she is also the first female recurring companion to obtain this occurrence.
  • Chloe, like Iris and Bonnie, got shocked by Pikachu. However, unlike the others who were shocked in their debut episode, she was shocked in "When a House is Not a Home!".