This Eevee is a Normal-type Pokémon owned by Chloe. Eevee is her first Pokémon.


Eevee likes to mimic others around her, especially her evolved forms. She also has a big heart and is willing to help anyone in trouble.



Eevee and Chloe.

Eevee first met Chloe when Yamper brought her to her and took an immediate liking to her. Seeing Chloe and Yamper willing to help anyone in trouble, Eevee was inspired to help them. However, when she was going to leave with the researchers, Eevee decided that she didn't want to leave Chloe and wanted to be her partner. After being officially caught as her first Pokémon and partner, Eevee and Chloe's unbreakable bond not only became official, but they also became best friends.


Eevee and Yamper.

Eevee encountered Yamper after escaping from the lab and following him, leading to the two becoming fast friends, much like how Sandy did with Lana's Primarina. Through her new friend, Eevee was introduced to Chloe by Yamper and they were easily shown to work well together as a team. After she decided to be with Chloe, Eevee and Yamper happily played together alongside her Trainer's friends' partners.


Eevee meeting Chloe for the first time.

Eevee was at a lab that researched her species and her evolved forms. While with her evolved forms, Eevee tried to mimic Sylveon and Vaporeon in an attempt to evolve herself, but failed. She then tried to evolve into Flareon and Jolteon, but she couldn't. However, later that day, Eevee saw a Yamper outside and left the lab to follow him. Although he was hostile towards her at first, Eevee was able to get Yamper to trust her when he tried to protect her from a couple of researchers with a net whom he mistook for hunters, thinking they wanted to harm her. After getting away, Eevee and Yamper arrived at the school that Chloe and Goh attended. Eevee hid in the garden when Yamper went to get Chloe for help. After Yamper brought his mistress over, Eevee came out of hiding and became fascinated by Chloe. Eevee was in Chloe's arms as they escaped from the researchers with Goh's help. After going to the playground where the Pokémon were playing, Eevee, Yamper, Chloe and Goh saw several Pokémon trapped in a net, including Goh's Cinderace and Sobble, as they had been captured by Team Rocket. Witnessing Yamper's determination to help save the Pokémon, Eevee was inspired to help as she worked together with him to send Team Rocket's Pelipper blasting off with Ash and Pikachu saving the Pokémon then sending the trio blasting off.

Eevee becoming Chloe's first Pokemon.

Later that day, Eevee was prepared to return to the lab, but decided that she wanted to be with Chloe and Yamper. When the researchers understood that she had developed an unbreakable bond with Chloe, Eevee was allowed to stay with her. After Goh gave his friend a Poké Ball, Eevee was officially caught by Chloe as they became partners. Eevee was then seen playing with Yamper, Sobble and Pikachu, as Chloe recieved her Rotom Phone from her father.[1]

Known moves

Spark electricPJ049 *

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  • Although Yamper was more bonded with Chloe, Eevee was the first official Pokémon that Chloe caught.
  • Chloe's Eevee is the first female Eevee to have a visible gender difference after it was implemented in Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu! and Let's Go, Eevee! and Generation VIII onwards.
  • Due to unknown circumstances, this Eevee is incapable of evolution despite attempting so by touching the evolution stones.
    • This references the Partner Eevee given to the player in Pokémon: Let's Go Eevee!, which is incapable of evolving, even if given items that would otherwise let it.




  1. ^ PJ049, Female Eevee has a heart-shaped pattern on its tail after it was implemented in Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu! and Let's Go, Eevee! and Generation VIII onwards.

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