For the variant appearing in the games, see Chili.
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Chili is a character appearing in Pokémon the Series: Black & White, who is one of the three Gym Leaders of Striaton City in the Unova region.


A tall, slender young man with brick-red hair that spikes up in place to resemble flames. He also has bright scarlet eyes. He wears a long sleeved white shirt under a black vest with large gold buttons, a black and slightly baggy trousers, a white apron, and a pair of brown shoes with rounded tips and golden buckles, similar to his brothers, Cilan and Cress. He also wears a red bowtie, which corresponds to his hair, eye color and his specialization in Fire-type Pokémon.


Chili tends to be troubled/hot-tempered and competitive.


Pokémon the Series: Black & White

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On hand

Voice Actors

  • Spanish: Pablo Tribaldos
  • Iberian Spanish: Carlos Diaz
  • Italian: Renato Novara


  • It appears Chili's way of saying goodbye to Cilan is by holding his hand as seen in "Dreams by the Yard Full!" and "A Call for Brotherly Love!"
  • Chili's favorite food is revealed to be donuts as seen in "A Call for Brotherly Love!"; it appears he wolves down donuts when he gets upset.
  • Chili also reveals in the episode "A Call for Brotherly Love!" that he has a dream of opening the very first fire-type gym in the Unova region.


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