Cheryl is a character appearing in Pokémon Adventures.


Cheryl is a young woman with light gray eyes, slightly pale skin, and long dark green hair tied in a segmented ponytail that hangs down in front of her. She wears a modest, conservative outfit that consists of a light green and white long-sleeved semi-jacket, a brown undershirt, a long dark green pleated skirt, and tall brown boots with slightly tall heels. Overall, her appearance gives off a very 'earthy' vibe, despite the fact that she doesn't train Grass-type Pokémon.


Cheryl is a calm trainer. Though she shares her passion for battles, she is slightly concerned over them if something happens to them.


Platinum arc

At the Survival Area, Buck, Marley, Cheryl and Mira had their Claydol, Arcanine, Blissey and Alakazam battle each other. Alakazam used Psychic, Arcanine used Flare Blitz, Blissey used Hyper Beam and Claydol used Psychic against each other.[1]

Mira attended Looker and Buck, who were resting in the infirmary. Mira cried that the two got injured, but Cheryl stated they had to let them rest, and Marley confirmed the former's words, as she was holding onto Professor Oak's letter.[2] Mira and Cheryl visited the Battle Tower. They wanted to accompany Palmer, to get revenge on Buck, who got hurt in the battle against Team Galactic. Palmer permitted them, and went with them and Riley to Platinum. With everyone ready, the group went on Cresselia, while Riley took the lead.[3]

The two went with Riley on a boat, as he sailed away, and had Lucario and Riolu navigate the direction.[4] The machine took them to the Spring Path, which led them to the Sendoff Spring. Riolu eventually sensed something coming from the Turnback Cave. Much to their shock, the group saw Marley being captured by the Team Galactic grunt. However, the latter released her, and explained he defecated from Team Galactic, and felt that Marley was a hitman trying to take him out. Thus, he promised to take the group to the portal to the Distortion World.[5]

While the group was walking, Mira and Cheryl asked Marley why was she here, to which Marley explained she was investigating Professor Oak's letter, and found Shaymin. The former Team Galactic grunt took them to the portal. Mira, Cheryl and Marley crossed through, and got separated from others. Suddenly, they heard a voice: Charon, who spoke about healing his Heatran, to which the girls realized that he had attacked Buck. As Charon visited the Team Galactic commanders, he let them confront Cheryl, Mira and Marley.[6] Cheryl fought Mars, whose Yanmega hurt her Blissey. As Blissey went to eat its berry, Mars' Yanmega used Bug Bite to snatch it and eat it, to which Blissey used Sing. Mars became impressed, and sent Bronzong to prevent Blissey from recovering.[7] Their battle got interrupted by Giratina, who passed them by.[8] Without further ado, Cheryl and Blissey went back to Palmer and the rest, and were annoyed that Giratina interrupted their battle. They remained behind to watch the Legendary Pokémon battle each other.[9]

Cheryl, Mira and Marley emerged from the Distortion World, through the portal, and were glad to have reunited with Buck, who had recovered.[10]


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