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For the variant appearing in the games, see Charon.

Charon is a character appearing in Pokémon the Series: Diamond and Pearl, who was a scientist of Team Galactic.


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Charon is a short man, who has patches of pointy lavender-colored hair. He wears a grey shirt and black trousers like most Team Galactic members do, with a logo on his chest, as well as grey shoes with black soles. He also wears a lab coat, and red-tinted round glasses.


Like other Team Galactic commanders, Charon is a shady individual that will make any attempt to reach his goals. However, he is not as trusted or charismatic as other commanders are, and covets information on his projects. When things turn rough, he is quick to abandon the scene.


His name comes from the largest moon of the dwarf planet Pluto. His name might also come from the figure in Greek mythology, the ferryman of Hades.

In Japanese, Charon is named Pluto, after the dwarf planet and former ninth planet (which in turn was named after the Roman god of death and the underworld).


Charon was monitoring activities on Mt. Coronet at Team Galactic HQ when Mars shot the beam from Iron Island.[1] Saturn, on Cyrus' orders, went with Charon to Mt. Coronet to find the Spear Pillar. He was annoyed to their lack of progress, finding more ruins than their desired object, to which Charon reminded that people of Sinnoh believed in the Space-Time legend. As the heroes stumbled upon Team Galactic, Saturn had them surrounded. He found a suspicious Team Galactic recruit and questioned him, but the grunt replied that he was simply sent from the HQ to help them, but did not know the mission.

Charon reminded they were searching for the gateway to the Spear Pillar, which could be unlocked using the key that Team Galactic had obtained already. However, Charon didn't care much about their mission, and had the grunt continue working, who undisguised himself as Looker, from interpol. As Charon had the grunts battle, Saturn heard that they found something: his Toxicroak used Rock Smash to shatter a wall, revealing the gateway to the Spear Pillar. As the key to open it was recovered, it did not react to the ruins: Charon noted that this was not the gateway, after all. Saturn had his grunts retreat, while Charon noted that the gateway lied within Mt. Coronet, but it only needed to be uncovered.[2]

As Jupiter was admiring the Red Chain, Charon approached her. He boasted that he had made the Red Chain. She wanted to ask what would happen to Looker and others, but Charon stated that their fates would be left for Cyrus to decide. Hearing intruders on Team Rocket's balloon were approaching, Jupiter went to confront them. As Jupiter escaped in the helicopter, she wanted to know why the Lake Trio chose the children, to which Charon claimed that she was just jealous. He asked her about the Red Chain, which was secured.[3] As the Lake Trio was captured, Charon placed gems to absorb their power, needed for Cyrus' plan to advance.[4]

Charon went with Team Galactic to the Spear Pillar, where he prepared everything to summon Dialga and Palkia, and take control over them with the Red Chain. However, Cynthia, Ash, and his friends stopped their plan, and Team Galactic was soon disbanded. However, unlike Saturn, Mars, and Jupiter, Charon wasn't arrested by the police.[5] Jessie wrote a letter to Team Rocket HQ that she, James and Meowth were the ones that defeated Charon and disbanded Team Galactic organization.[6]

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