This Slowking was a water/psychic-type Pokémon that was abandoned by Charon.


Slowking was with Charon, as he was at Eterna City to observe Giratina's movement.[1][2] To let Giratina attack Diamond and Pearl, Charon's Slowking used Trump Card. Giratina got hurt, and immediately went to use Shadow Force.[3] Charon approached Pearl, and the former's Slowking blew Pearl away. As the battle concluded, Charon and Slowking retreated to the hole, through which Giratina went through.[4] There, Charon and Slowking encountered Saturn, Mars and Jupiter, to whom Charon ordered to fight the three trainers that were hunting him.[5]

As Platinum wanted to stop Charon, Charon had Slowking use Psychic to attack her, but Platinum's Pokémon defended her.[6] Slowking attempted to attack, but Platinum's Pachirisu used Captivate and Last Resort, followed with Cherubi's Solar Beam. Slowking was quickly defeated, and Charon became annoyed by these "regular Pokémon".[7]

Known moves


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