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Episodes of Pokémon the Series: Ruby and Sapphire, Pokémon the Series: Diamond and Pearl, the first 62 episodes of Pokémon the Series: Black & White, and some episodes of Pokémon Journeys: The Series feature generic character eyecatches, due to the removal of the Dare da? and Pocket Monster TV segments. The special episode, "The Legend of Thunder", features them as well. The following is a list of said eyecatches.

Pokémon the Series: Ruby and Sapphire

Variant(s) Episode(s) Image(s) (before) Image(s) (after)
1 RS001RS002 RS Eyecatch Groudon 1.png RS Eyecatch Kyogre 1.png
2 RS003 RS Eyecatch Groudon 2.png RS Eyecatch Kyogre 2.png
3 RS004RS105 RS Eyecatch Groudon 3.png RS Eyecatch Kyogre 3.png
4 RS Eyecatch Rayquaza A.png RS Eyecatch Rayquaza B.png
5 RS Eyecatch Registeel A.png RS Eyecatch Registeel B.png
6 RS Eyecatch Regice A.png RS Eyecatch Regice B.png
7 RS Eyecatch Regirock A.png RS Eyecatch Regirock B.png

Pokémon the Series: Diamond and Pearl

4:3 era

Variant(s) Episode(s) Image(s) (before) Image(s) (after)
1 DP001 DP Eyecatch 4;3 1A.png DP Eyecatch 4;3 1B.png
2 DP002 DP Eyecatch 4;3 2A.png DP Eyecatch 4;3 2B.png
3 DP003 DP Eyecatch 4;3 3A.png DP Eyecatch 4;3 3B.png
4 DP004DP010 DP Eyecatch 4;3 4A.png DP Eyecatch 4;3 4B.png
5 DP011DP120 DP Eyecatch 4;3 5A.png DP Eyecatch 4;3 5B.png

16:9 era

The 16:9 era of Diamond and Pearl episodes includes four eyecatch screens for all episodes from "The Lonely Snover!" to "Memories are Made of Bliss!" with five combinations used before and after the commercial break, with two separate eyecatch screens for the bonus episode specials "Dawn - Setting Off On a New Journey!" and "Pewter Gym - The Greatest Crisis Ever!" (which use the same screen both before and after the commercial break).

Variant(s) Episode(s) Image(s) (before) Image(s) (after)
1 DP121DP124, DP126DP132, DP134, DP136DP137, DP139DP141, DP143DP191 DP Eyecatch 16;9 1.png DP Eyecatch 16;9 2.png
2 DP125, DP148, DP190}} DP Eyecatch 16;9 3.png DP Eyecatch 16;9 1.png
3 DP133, DP168, DP173, DP183, DP185, DP187, DP189 DP Eyecatch 16;9 1.png DP Eyecatch 16;9 3.png
4 DP135, DP138, DP142, DP153, DP173 DP Eyecatch 16;9 4.png DP Eyecatch 16;9 1.png
5 DP164 DP Eyecatch 16;9 4.png DP Eyecatch 16;9 2.png
6 DP192 DP Eyecatch 16;9 5.png DP Eyecatch 16;9 5.png
7 DP193 DP Eyecatch 16;9 6.png DP Eyecatch 16;9 6.png

Pokémon the Series: Black & White

Variant(s) Episodes Image(s) (before) Image(s) (after)
1 BW001BW006 BW Eyecatch 1A.png BW Eyecatch 1B.png
2 BW007BW060 BW Eyecatch 2A.png BW Eyecatch 2B.png

Pokémon the Series: Journeys

Variant(s) Episode(s) Image(s) (before) Image(s) (after)
1 PJ071, PJ077, PJ080, PJ085PJ086, PJ088, PJ099, PJ104, PJ110, PJ113, PJ115 PJ Eyecatch A.png PJ Eyecatch B.png
2 PJ044 PJ044 Eyecatch A.png PJ044 Eyecatch B.png
3 PJ045 PJ045 Eyecatch A.png PJ045 Eyecatch B.png
3 PJ106 PJ106 Eyecatch A.png PJ106 Eyecatch B.png

The Legend of Thunder!

Variants(s) Character(s) Image(s)
1 Jimmy TLOT Eyecatch Jimmy.png
2 Marina TLOT Eyecatch Marina.png
3 Hun TLOT Eyecatch Hun.png
4 Attila TLOT Eyecatch Attila.png
5 Professor Elm TLOT Eyecatch Professor Elm.png
6 Vincent TLOT Eyecatch Vincent.png
7 Eusine TLOT Eyecatch Eusine.png
8 Kudo TLOT Eyecatch Kudo.png
9 Misdreavus
TLOT Eyecatch Misdreavus Typhlosion Meganium.png
10 Raikou TLOT Eyecatch Raikou.png
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