The Cerise Laboratory is an anime location in the Kanto region and is one of the main settings and the central location in Pokémon Journeys: The Series. It is directed by Professor Cerise and located in Vermilion City. It is Ash and Goh's base of operations.

Pokémon seen at the Cerise Laboratory

Chloe Yamper
Yamper *

Pokémon left at the Cerise Laboratory

Ash's Pokémon


Ash Riolu
Riolu *

Goh's Pokémon

Goh Paras
Paras *

Goh Butterfree
Butterfree *

Goh Pinsir
Pinsir *

Goh Weedle
Weedle *

Goh Kakuna
Kakuna *

Goh Dewgong
Dewgong *

Goh Golurk
Golurk *

Goh Cubone
Cubone *

Goh Pidgey
Pidgey *

Goh Oddish
Oddish *

Goh Grimer
Grimer *

Goh Ekans
Ekans *

Goh Magikarp
Magikarp *

Goh giant Magikarp
Magikarp (giant) *

Goh Flabébé Blue Flower
Flabébé (blue flower) *

Goh Flabébé Yellow Flower
Flabébé (yellow flower) *

Goh Flabébé Red Flower
Flabébé (red flower) *

Goh Pineco
Pineco *

Goh Heracross
Heracross *

Goh’s Hitmonchan
Hitmonchan *

Goh Flygon
Flygon *


  • Three years prior to Pokémon Journeys, Gengar was abandoned by its former trainer before the building was even made into the laboratory. It caused poltergeist activity which scared off potential buyers, but its tricks didn't scare off Professor Cerise.
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