Cerise Island
(スオウ島 Burgundy Island)
Cerise Island
Region: Kanto
Debut: Karate Machop

Cerise Island is the base of operations for the Elite Four, and is situated nearby to Cinnabar Island.


The island was used by the Elite Four as a giant "Gym Badge Amplification Device," many times larger than the Team Rocket variant. Its purpose, as the name suggests is to draw out the energy from the eight Gym Badges, with seven of the four rementioned badges being positioned around the base of the dormant volcano at the center of the island, and the final badge embedded into the volcano itself. This technology was used by the Elite Four in order to eradicate the whole of human existence, to prevent further enslavement of Pokémon, with the exception of their members. It is this looming threat that brings the Pokédex Holders and the Team Rocket Executives together at Cerise Island in an uneasy alliance to prevent the Elite Four's plan from unraveling.


Overall, Blaine surmised that Cerise Island was similar to a labyrinth, stating that the island seems like it has no exit.


  • In Chuang Yi's independent translation of the Pokémon Adventures series, they mistakenly dubbed Cerise Island as Salt Island.
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