This Drapion is a Poison/Dark-type Pokémon owned by Celosia.


XY094 8

Drapion being hit by Sawyer's Grovyle's Leaf Storm.

Drapion grabbed Squishy when it was trying to escape. It later battled against Ash's Pikachu and Sawyer's Sawyer's Grovyle. Drapion used Toxic but Pikachu cancelled the attack with Thunderbolt and was hit by Grovyle's Leaf Storm, releasing Squishy. After it stood back up, Celosia ordered it to use Sludge Bomb, but Ash ordered Pikachu to use Thunderbolt to intercept, creating an explosion when the attacks collided. Drapion was later used again, assaulting Pin Missile on the heroes and on Squishy. Team Flare's Skorupi and Houndour used Dark Pulse while Drapion used Cross Poison, colliding with the attacks of the heroes' Pokémon.[1]

Drapion was also used to intimidate the heroes by using Sludge Bomb, after Bryony and Celosia went to search for Z-1 inside Terminus Cave. The heroes, wanting to protect Squishy, sent their Pokémon to attack. Ash had Noibat use Supersonic on Drapion, distracting it and having Noibat tackle it. Drapion used Cross Poison on Ash's Greninja, who dodged the attack. After Team Rocket took Squishy, Drapion used Sludge Bomb to attack them. However, like the other grunts and their Pokémon, Drapion was defeated by Squishy's Land's Wrath in its hound form.[2]

XY135 4

Drapion, along with its' trainer, Celosia, and Mable, with her Weavile, caught by Team Rocket.

While the chaos broke out in Lumiose City, Celosia and Drapion faced Alain and Ash. Since Celosia required Ash to be sent to the director, she had Drapion use Confuse Ray on him and Pikachu. Both Ash and Pikachu fell unconscious, allowing the grunts to send them to Prism Tower.[3] Celosia's Drapion attacked Team Rocket with Sludge Bomb. Jessie's Gourgeist and James' Inkay retaliated with Seed Bomb and Psybeam, but was countered by Drapion's second Sludge Bomb.[4] Celosia teamed up with Mable and had Drapion use Sludge Bomb, along with Weavile's Ice Beam. However, Jessie's Wobbuffet reflected the attacks back with Mirror Coat, which hit Weavile and Drapion. Soon after, Celosia, Mable and their Pokémon were captured in James' net.[5]

Known moves

  • Using Pin Missile
  • Using Toxic
  • Using Sludge Bomb
  • Using Cross Poison
  • Using Confuse Ray


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