This Samurott is a water-type Pokémon owned by Cedric Juniper.


As Oshawott

Cedric Juniper intended on giving the Starter Pokémon to the new trainers and watch over their progress, and compare his results with her daughter's Starter Pokémon. A year ago, Cedric conducted an experiment with his three Starter Pokémon: Oshawott, Tepig and Snivy. On a rainy night, however, N broke into the lab and released all of the Pokémon. Out of the three Pokémon, Oshawott returned to Cedric, who raised it.[1]

As Samurott

When Cedric spoke to his daughter about Team Plasma, he looked at Samurott's Poké Ball, and reminisced about the incident that had happened a year ago.[2]

Cedric arrived to Black and White to confront N. The three sent their Pokémon - Samurott, Serperior and Emboar - to attack N's Pokémon.[3] With Cedric's arrival, his Samurott, Black's Bo and White's Amanda fired their attacks to hit N's Zorua and Gigi. As N was leaving, Zorua used its psychic ability to lift out the Pokédex from Cedric's pants. Tympole blasted a hole into the device with its watery attack, which shocked Cedric, to which Zorua grinned.[1] Disguised as Lou-karr, Looker went with Cedric and Leo to help Black. Cedric sent Samurott, and along with Lou-karr's Croagunk and Leo's Deino, attacked Zekrom. However, the latter was too tough, causing Samurott's scalchop to get shattered, and Zekrom and blew the trainers' Pokémon away.[4]

Cedric and Samurott were at Fennel's lab when Striaton City was frozen.[5]

Known moves

None of Samurott's moves are known.


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