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Cave of Being is a cave located on Route 20 in Black and White 2. The Move Waterfall must be used to access the cave. In the post-game the player will encounter Professor Juniper, who will inform them that Sinnoh's Lake Guardians are in Unova and that there are rumors they are in the cave. After the Player speaks to Professor Juniper, the trio is appear inside and they flee; as a result, Juniper asks the player to capture them for the Pokédex. The lake trio flee across Unova to locations resembling the traits they embody.

Mesprit travels to Celestial Tower, a place of emotion

Uxie travels to the front of the Nacrene Museum, a place of knowledge

Azelf travels to the beginning of Victory Road, a place where intense willpower is needed to reach.


  • The interior and exterior of the cave is shaped like a combination of all three lake caverns of Sinnoh.
  • They say the deepest part of the cave leads to the Sinnoh region.
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