This Castform is a Normal-type Pokémon that appeared in Currying Favor and Flavor!.


Totem Lurantis summoned Castform to assist it in its battle against Ash. Castform used Sunny Day and changed into its Sunny form. Castform then helped in the battle and used Water Gun on Ash's Litten. After Castform tackled Ash's Rowlet, Ash decided to focus on Castform and Ash's Pokémon used Scratch and Tackle on Castform. Castform was blown away by the two attacks but it was still able to continue in the battle, using Water Gun on Litten. Litten evaded the attack, so Castform used Water Gun again but Rowlet took the attack instead. Rowlet then used Tackle on Castform, defeating the Weather Pokémon.

Known moves

  • Using Sunny Day

  • Using Water Gun


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