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This Sableye is a dark/ghost-type Pokémon owned by Cassidy.


When the duo's hideout was discovered by Ritchie and Tracey - where they kept Professor Oak - Sableye was sent against Tracey's Scyther and Ritchie's Taillow (Rose), alongside Butch's Mightyena. Rose used Gust on Butch's Mightyena, but was hit by Cassidy's Sableye's Focus Punch. Tracey's Scyther used Slash on Mightyena, and the latter counterattacked by tackling Scyther. After the latter got struck with Iron Tail, Scyther retreated into Tracey's Poké Ball. Ritchie's Pikachu, Sparky, went to attack, and clashed with Sableye's Fury Swipes. Ritchie then sent Charmeleon, Zippo, who fired Flamethrower on Mightyena, who dodged. An ember fell on Professor Oak's coat, which started to burn, so Professor Oak ran off and slammed into a wall to stop the fire. Butch and Cassidy had their Pokémon use Scratch and Bite to capture him. However, Sparky used Thunderbolt to stop Sableye, followed with Zippo's Fire Spin to counter Mightyena. With Thunder, Sparky blasted Team Rocket away.[1]

Near Celadon City, Misty proposed a battle with Georgio, who sent Delcatty. In that moment, Butch and Cassidy captured Delcatty, and sent Mightyena and Sableye to battle them. Sableye used Fury Swipes on Misty's Corsola, but missed and got struck by its Spike Cannon. Mightyena attempted to tackle Casey's Meganium, but failed and got hit by its Razor Leaf. Corsola dodged Sableye's Shadow Ball and used Tackle on it. Meganium, who got struck with Mighyena's Iron Tail, hit it with Body Slam and blasted Team Rocket off with Solar Beam.[2] To capture the two Luvdisc for Professor Namba - Luverin - Butch and Cassidy sent Mightyena and Sableye to battle. The Luvdisc sprayed Water Gun on Butch, whereas Cassidy ordered her Sableye to use Fury Swipes. Since the latter could not swim, Butch pushed a fence towards Luvdisc to trap them.

Misty, Daisy and Tracey arrived, asking of the Luvdisc to work together, as they used Agility to avoid the fence. The two Luvdisc combined their attacks: Luverin fired Water Gun to push Caserin into mid-air, who used Water Gun to push Mightyena away, stopping its Iron Tail. Sableye attempted to fire a Shadow Ball, but was countered byu Luvdisc's Water Gun and Ice Beam attacks. As Mightyena attempted to use Hyper Beam, Luverin used Sweet Kiss, causing Mightyena to blast Butch off Butch with that attack. With Luvdisc's Water Gun, Team Rocket was blasted away, with Mightyena and Sableye falling in love with each other.[3]

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