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This Elekid is an electric-type Pokémon owned by Casey.


Elekid and Larvitar get captured.

As the heroes stopped for lunch, an Elekid came and ate Larvitar's food. Pikachu went to attack and as Ash tried to settle the dispute, he got electrocuted by Pikachu and Elekid, the latter patting Larvitar on the back. Just then, Team Rocket snatched both Elekid and Larvitar, then fled. Elsewhere, James approached Elekid, who electrocuted him, causing Elekid and Larvitar to be fall down from the tree and become free. While traveling, Elekid used Thunder Shock to make some of the apples fall down and eat them with Larvitar. Team Rocket found Elekid again and used a net to capture them again. Elekid tried to electrocute the net, but failed, so Larvitar used Screech to distract Team Rocket. The heroes and Casey arrived and blew away Team Rocket, but in doing so, Elekid and Larvitar fell off a cliff.

Eventually, James received a Weepinbell and had it use Sweet Scent, which attracted Elekid, while Larvitar tried to pull it away. The heroes also arrived, but fell in a hole and Team Rocket was able to snatch Elekid and Larvitar once more. However, James' Weepinbell evolved into Victreebel and chewed on Jessie, causing her to drop Larvitar and Elekid. After Team Rocket was defeated, Casey sent Meganium to battle Elekid. Elekid emitted electricity to hit Meganium, but missed. Meganium retaliated with Razor Leaf, which was countered by Elekid's Thunder Punch. Meganium tackled Elekid and hit it with Solar Beam, allowing Casey to catch it. Casey was glad and promised to win more badges with Elekid.[1] Larvitar later remembered this adventure, when it was taken to the Unown dimension.[2]

The Pokémon stopped Charizard and calmed it down.

Casey sent Elekid to battle against Georgio's Delcatty. Elekid started with Thunder Punch, but missed and got hit by Double Edge. Elekid attempted to use Thunderbolt, but Delcatty used Double Team to avoid the attack and Iron Tail to defeat Elekid.[3] Elekid was also used to stop Corey's rampaging Charizard. Later on, Elekid, Meganium and Beedrill were sent out to search for Corey and Charizard, who did not come back after their training.[4]

Known moves