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This Beedrill is a Bug/Poison-type Pokémon owned by Casey.


Ash spotted a Beedrill during the Bug Catching Contest near Goldenrod City. Since Beedrill pushed his Park Ball away with Twineedle, Ash had Pikachu electrocute it with Thunderbolt. Using another Park Ball, Ash caught Beedrill. Beedrill's capture made Ash win the contest. After the contest, he decided to give the Beedrill to Casey, as she loved Pokémon with yellow and black stripes.[1]

Casey's Pokémon try to cheer Charizard up.

To stop Corey's Charizard, Casey sent out her Meganium, Elekid and Beedrill. However, Charizard just ran through them and hid in a park. After Corey went with Charizard for training, the two have not been seen for hours, so Casey sent her Pokémon to find them. Beedrill managed to find Corey, so Casey went to save him. Though Beedrill failed to save them, Corey's Charizard went into the water and saved both of them.[2]

Known Moves

Voice actors

Shin-ichiro Miki (Japanese and English)