These Forretress are multiple bug/steel-type Pokémon owned by Carr.


Carr was admiring his Forretress before he captured Red, Blue, Bill and Lorelei. Red went to attack, so Carr's Forretress used Explosion. However, Lorelei's Slowking used Dig, which made everyone escape the attack.[1] Carr also wanted Forretress to explode inside the Pokémon Center on Five Island. However, Red's Poliwrath, Poli, had the ability Damp, which negated Explosion's effect.[2] Regardless, Carr went with Sird into the Team Rocket headquarters with his Forretress and Sird's Persian.[3] At the airship, Carr was with his Forretress when he had Steelix retrieve Orm from Six Island.[4]

Since Carr realized Giovanni sent them all on missions, all to achieve his goal of finding his son, he decided to betray them all. Thus, he had his Forretress attack Sird, but missed; Deoxys used its tentacles to attack Carr, who was locked inside the storage room.[5] However, Carr broke out and planted 10 Forretress on the airship, wanting the vehicle to explode, as he flew out of it. Thus, Red and Deoxys worked together and had Pika, Chuchu, Poli and Gyara defeat three of the Forretress.[6] Snor, Aero and Blue's Charizard defeated the seventh, eighth and ninth Forretress. Since the last Forretress lied in the armory, Red bashed the door and found Forretress. Red tried to persuade Forretress from using Explosion, else there would be death and destruction. Despite that, Forretress triggered Explosion; however, Deoxys used Skill Swap on Poli, causing it to have the Damp ability to negate Explosion attack. Still, Red stroke Forretress, since it did carry out its trainer's orders without anybody dying.[7]

Known moves

  • Using Explosion


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