Camp Pokémon is an app for iOS Devices that has quizzes and games. The app has mini-games designed for children ages 6–8 to learn about Pokémon. Some of the games include "Pokémon Evolutions", "Battle Matchups" and "Poké Ball Throw".


  • Find the Pokémon - A game where you find a specific Pokémon. Your goal is to find the Pokémon the fastest.
  • Poké Ball Throw - A game in which you throw a Poké Ball at an all six Pokémon three times to capture them. You can use two Ultra Balls that will instantly capture the Pokémon.
  • Photo Booth - Share pictures you create using stickers from the App.
  • Pokémon Pins - Pokémon Pins are different kinds of Pokémon you get when you complete these games a certain number of times.
  • Evolution - A minigame where you select the correct evolution from three options.
  • Type Matchup - From three options, you must choose the correct type (Fire, Water, Grass) that can defeat the shown Pokémon.
  • Mystery Cave - A sort of daily bonus, which is unlocked after you play a few minigames. When entered, a mega evolved Pokémon pin is revealed and added to your Pin Book.
  • Pokémon in Focus - No pins in this activity. A shadow of a Pokémon will be shown to you and will focus. Youlll have to guess it with 3 options.


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