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Calyrex is a psychic/grass-type Legendary Pokémon that will be introduced in Generation VIII. It will eventually be available in the Crown Tundra, being the mascot.



Calyrex is a bipedal, mammalian Pokémon that resembles a hare. Its main body is light grey with a round torso, and it has long white legs with no visible digits. Its arms are also short with white tips and no visible digits. Calyrex also has four long ears with white tips that hold up its large brain (which is green with a light purple top), and around its neck are smaller features similar to its brain, with the smallest one in the front and the largest one in the back. Its long face has a white underside, half-closed purple eyes, and a black triangular nose. It also has four purple insect-like wings, which slightly gives off the impression of a royal cape.


Calyrex used to rule all of Galar in ancient times. It is very intelligent and its brain is very large.

Natural Abilities

Calyrex has the power to envision the events of all three phases of time (past, present and future).


  • The markings on Calyrex's collar bear a striking resemblance to the Triforce from the Legend of Zelda series.
  • While most Legendary Pokémon are genderless, Calyrex's king motif is most commonly used by male monarchs. However, Calyrex's gender ratio is currently unknown.


Calyrex comes from calyx, a plant part and the Latin word for bud, and rex, which means king in Latin. It may also be a reference to a breed of rabbit called the rex, though Calyrex more resembles a hare than a rabbit appearance-wise.


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