The Last Battle X (最終(さいしゅう)決戦(けっせん)X The Last Battle X) is the 10th chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 14.


Red and Blue face Koga and Bruno, their former enemies. However, Bruno and Koga came with a different purpose - to help Red and Blue fight their new enemies.

Chapter plot

The duo are Koga and Bruno, making Red and Blue shocked at their arrival. Bruno sends Tyrogue and Koga sends Tentacruel. Espeon attacks Tyrogue, who uses Double Team, so Espeon uses Psych Up to copy the stat change, while Tentacruel attacks Rhydon. Koga and Bruno express they are glad to see both Red and Blue here. Tyrogue charges, but pass by Red and strikes a rock. Koga lets them know the rock is too sturdy around to be drilled through. Koga and Bruno admit they came here as allies and not as enemies. They admit they want to pursue the man, who caused the stadium to crash, but knew Red and Blue would think of them as enemies first.

Koga tells he and Bruno decided to pursue their own battles. Blue sees Koga, who used Muk, managed to escape Cerise Island before the cave collapsed. Koga remembers Bruno and Onix saved him. Koga admits that he forgot what satisfaction it means to polish and sharpen the battle skills, since most of his time he served Giovanni. However, he battled Bruno and both improved their skills. He and Bruno know well Red and Blue are on a mission and would like to battle them both, so they would like to help them first and have a battle after all this is over.

Red and Blue accept their proposal. Before departing, Bruno asks Red does he know of Celebi. Red shakes his head, so Bruno explains it is a Pokémon that can travel through time. Blue asks why does Bruno bring this up, so Bruno suspects that it is the reason of this chaos, as it was last sighted in Ilex Forest. Red and Blue thank them and depart with Rhydon. Red soon sees the Spoon of Destiny points above them. They come out and see the shrine of Ilex Forest, knowing this is the place where Celebi was last seen.

Blue hears his Pokédex beeping, so he and Red realize Green is nearby. Red shows he got her Blasty, as he met her on Mt. Silver. Red wondered doesn't she use it for flight transportation, but Green replied he does not need to worry about that. Blue points at the sky, seeing Green on Moltres, along with Articuno and Zapdos helping her, fighting Ho-Oh.




Psych Up


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