The Last Battle VII (最終(さいしゅう)決戦(けっせん)VII The Last Battle VII) is the 7th chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 14.


Green goes to the shrine where the Masked Man will resolve his plans. However, in her path stand Karen and Will, two people who remember Green well. Meanwhile, Yellow is attacked by Team Rocket grunts, who target her hat.

Chapter plot

Green arrives to Ilex Forest with Snubbull, where the Masked Man, Pryce, is supposed to come. She speeds up, but hears voices, who ask her how will she find the shrine if the entire forest is a maze. Green's Snubbull uses Scary Face, so the people admit the move targeted Umbreon. Green sees a woman and a man, who claim they know her, since they all were the "masked kids". Bull goes to bite, but gets hit by Umbreon's Faint Attack. Bull charmes Umbreon, then takes it down. The woman, Karen and the man, Will, are amused, but admit they won't allow Green to foil Masked Man's plan to control time. The man sends Xatu, wanting to get the feathers Green stole from the Masked Man.

Green panics, for she has a fear of birds. She and Bull hide as Xatu uses Psychic. Will tells the Masked Man himself ordered to hunt Green down to get the feathers, since it took him two years to summon Ho-Oh and Lugia to obtain their feathers. Will is certain the Masked Man is moments away to complete the Poké Ball that can capture time. And now they stand guard against Green, who may foil such a perfect plan. They find Green and demands the feathers, but Green admits she hid the feathers well and are not with her.

Meanwhile, the Day Care couple, as well as Wilton and Yellow, listen to the radio, which mutters about Team Rocket invading the stadium. Granny is worried, while Yellow turns around and sees many Team Rocket grunts at the door. Yellow sees Pika and Chuchu protect their egg, so Yellow sends her team to attack the grunts. Pika and Chuchu fly off with the egg via balloons, while the rest retreat. Suddenly, grunts try to take Yellow's hat, so Yellow flees, as the grunts target the feathers on her hat.

The man and woman, Will and Karen, see Green is correct, but know well the Team Rocket grunts are searching for those two feathers. Karen intimidates Green, claiming Green could never defeat her and points at the sky. Green is terrified, as Ho-Oh appears. Will and Karen pull her, as they know well this Pokémon dragged Green of as she was a child. Green begins to cry out of fear, remembering her darkest childhood trauma.





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