The Last Battle VI (最終(さいしゅう)決戦(けっせん)VI The Last Battle VI) is the 6th chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 14.


Gold battles the Masked Man. However, this time, Gold is one step ahead and foils each and every strategy the Masked Man comes up with. Gold manages to bind the Masked Man and removes his mask, revealing his true identity.

Chapter plot

The Masked Man faces Gold, remembering he fought the kid three times and three times the kid lost. The Masked Man would like to know his name, so Gold introduces himself as one from New Bark Town, throwing Focus Bands to his Pokémon to wear. Gold claims he came to stop him at all costs. Aibo and Sudobo charge, the former speeding up using Agility. However, the Masked Man throws Aibo away, his arm growing back. Gold is shocked, while the Masked Man replies he has the ability to regenerate his body parts from ice. Gold prepares for plan B, as he plans on launching Poké Balls using his cue.

However, the Masked Man attacks Gold and orders him to quit. Gold thinks he should, but then taunts the Masked Man, as his Poké Balls roll over to the Masked Man. Gold's Pokémon come out and attack the Masked Man, while Sudobo comes behind and binds the Masked Man. The Masked Man is surprised, while Gold explains Aibo used Baton Pass to transfer the speed boost to Sudobo. The Masked Man counts on Delibird, who fainted, along with Polibo, who used Perish Song. The Masked Man uses ice to fly up, but Sunbo, who has evolved into Sunflora, uses Sunny Day.

Exbo burns the Masked Man, whose ice begins to melt. Gold points out that all his teammates have cornered the Masked Man and defeated him. However, he knows well the Masked Man wouldn't understand, since he called Pokémon as weapons. Gold uses the cue and slams the Masked Man's mask. Crystal rushes to Eusine, meeting him. However, the Masked Man's legs, which were cut off from him during the battle, attempt to attack, but Noctowl appears and destroys them. Falkner comes and removes the clothing, which is revealed to be ice.

Whitney thinks she knows the identity of the Masked Man, while Morty thinks he does it as well. The director demands the name of the person. The Masked Man's mask shatters and Whitney and Morty are correct, as Gold stares at Mahogany City's Gym Leader, Pryce.



Sunflora (Gold's)



Focus Band


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