The Last Battle V (最終(さいしゅう)決戦(けっせん)V The Last Battle V) is the 5th chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 14.


Blaine, Misty and Lt. Surge manage to encase the Masked Man. However, he breaks out and even being hit by Entei (which leaves a hole in his body), he hits Suicune, who accidentally traps Misty. Crystal tries to help Misty, but another person, which is Crystal's acquaintance, carries her through the crystal wall.

Chapter plot

Suicune managed to trap the Masked Man inside the crystal wall. Misty praises the success. Lt. Surge sees while he and Blaine were fighting Lugia, Misty managed to trap the Masked Man. He goes to take off the mask, but the Masked Man comes out of the crystal and pushes Lt. Surge away. Entei blasts fire, which goes through the Masked Man's body. However, the Masked Man attacks Entei and Raikou with ice, blowing them away, shocking Misty as the Masked Man can still attack with such injuries. Misty goes attack with Suicune, but sees Suicune is weakened. The Masked Man points at Gastly, who used Curse to weaken him. The Masked Man replies should Suicune fall unconscious, the crystal wall will trap them instead. Misty falls down and is trapped.

The Masked Man leaves with Ho-Oh and Lugia, leaving Gastly to finish them off. Crystal rushes to Misty, trying to help her to reach the oxygen tank. However, the crystal wall prevents her from doing so. Crystal remembers they need to wake Suicune up to dispel these crystal walls. Suddenly, Crystal hears a sound and sees someone inside, showing her a bell. The man does not forgive Gastly for weakening Suicune like that and sends Electrode and Haunter. Haunter attacks Gastly, while Electrode helps the man carry Misty from the wall. Crystal remembers the sound and sees the man crossing through the wall and knows there is only one man that has that ability: Eusine.

Eusine leaves Misty, while Crystal goes to heal Gold. However, she does not see Gold, fearing he had gone after the Masked Man himself. Meanwhile, Whitney and Falkner come to the director, replying they fought too many Team Rocket grunts. The director reports this Masked Man is not even human, as he still walked after his body was split in two, with a hole in its body. Whitney is shocked and has the director repeat the words. The Masked Man changes his tactics, ordering Ho-Oh and Lugia to leave him and help Will and Karen in the east. The Masked Man plans on crafting the ball, ready to place the net into the ball and must not be disturbed.

He aims to do this when the moonlight shines on the shrine. However, he is stopped by someone, who orders him to stop this nonsense.



Eusine's Haunter




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