The Last Battle II (最終(さいしゅう)決戦(けっせん)II The Last Battle II) is the 2nd chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 14.


The Gym Leaders on the train try to defeat the Team Rocket grunts. Clair suspects Blaine is the one controlling them and challenges him to a battle, though she also wants to extract info from him what happened to Lance, her cousin. Meanwhile, Lt. Surge confronts some of his grunts and tries to make them remember what they truly are.

Chapter plot

The Gym Leaders fight the Team Rocket grunts inside the train, knowing they were fooled. Clair suspects someone is controlling them, and that someone is on this train. She uses her whip to bind Blaine, knowing he has not made an appearance in the League from the start. Erika and Misty try to explain Clair, but Clair also knows Blaine was the one who battled her brother, reminding them of Lance. She demands to battle Blaine here, in the train. Blaine, surprisingly, simply accepts her demand, but asks others to fight the grunts. They go out and Misty already has Starmie attack the grunts. Erika is surprised she listened to Blaine so quickly, but senses Misty's feelings. Due to that, she gives Misty the flower, but expects an explanation after the battle of her true feelings.

Clair demands from Blaine to explain everything about her brother, forcing him by having Dragonair use Thunder Wave. Clair tells he is actually her cousin, whose father, despite being a better trainer to inherit the title of Gym Leader, left and married a woman. Lance soon followed, but Clair still cares for him and asks Blaine where he is. Dragonair uses Outrage, but Blaine reflects the attack, surprising Clair. A Pokémon appears behind Blaine, who attack her and Dragonair. Blaine replies that Lance may be alive, since he is much stronger and powerful than Blaine is. Blaine leaves and joins with Misty.

Meanwhile, Lt. Surge faces his subordinates, Ken, Al and Harry. He scolds them, for even if their leader is not around, it still does not mean they can shift to another master. However, they do not reply, except Ken sending Octillery, who blasts Lt. Surge using Octazooka. Lt. Surge senses someone is controlling them and takes their parts of masks off. He forces them to recall what Team Rocket stands for. They reply "Raid On the City, Knock out... Evil Tusks", words said by Giovanni himself. Lt. Surge confronts them, so Ken, Al and Harry are unbinded from the mind control put on them.

Lt. Surge praises them, but leaves to wake up every other grunt. Lt. Surge aims at going back to the stadium, separating the carts. Blue notices this and senses the train is speeding up.




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