The Last Battle I (最終(さいしゅう)決戦(けっせん)I The Last Battle I) is the 1st chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 14.


The Masked Man has managed to trap Crystal and Gold. He takes the wings from Lugia and Ho-Oh, revealing his plan. Gold is insulted and goes after him, but falls unconscious.

Chapter plot

Crystal and Gold are shocked about Masked Man's demand from Kurt. The Masked Man is impressed by Crystal's use of Future Sight, for she managed to know the perfect moment when it should've hit Lugia, thinking she knows time well. Gold and Crystal wonder what he is talking about. He replies two years ago, there was a man, Giovanni, who wanted to control substance, hence why he did experiments on Pokémon, while a year ago Lance wanted to control a Pokémon to warp space itself. However, the Masked Man does not want any of that, as he focuses on conquering time itself.

He demands Kurt a Poké Ball to capture time. Kurt replies he does not know any of that, making the Masked Man insulted, who takes a scroll from him. Kurt reads the scroll, knowing Kurt keeps it wherever he goes. He finds a chapter about making a Ball surpassing time itself. Kurt replies he does not have any materials, but the Masked Man replies he has them *here*, pointing at Lugia and Ho-Oh. Delibird flies to them and takes the Rainbow Wing from Ho-Oh and Silver Wing from Lugia. The Masked Man laughs, for he is finally ending his project.

Gold outrages, for the Masked Man captured two Legendary Pokémon to create a mere Poké Ball. He demands to know if Ho-Oh, Lugia, Team Rocket grunts, even Kurt, were pawns to him. He asks the Masked Man what Pokémon mean to him. The Masked Man replies weapons, to which Gold is insulted, calling that nonsense. Gold breaks free, but falls down. The Masked Man flies off on Delibird, while Gold tries to get him, but falls unconscious. The Masked Man plucks the threads from the wings, creating the Poké Ball, intending on capturing a Time Pokémon to make up for lost time. With the Gym Leaders trapped, he claims he is unstoppable.



GS Ball (on scroll)


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