Lugia and Ho-Oh on the Loose (Part 2) (VSルギア&ホウオウ(中編(ちゅうへん)) VS Lugia and Ho-Oh (Part 2)) (known as Lugia & Ho-Oh (Part 2) in Chuang Yi version) is the 12th and final chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 13.


Crystal and Gold work together to stop the Masked Man's Lugia and Ho-Oh. Finding a pattern, they manage to split both of them. However, the Masked Man displays a divine fury as he captures the master of craftiong Poké Balls, Kurt!

Chapter plot

A blast knocks Crystal and Gold to the ground. They stand up and hear people trying to escape. However, the Masked Man comes once more, his Lugia and Ho-Oh attack. Gold and Crystal suspect there is much more to it, as these are two most destructive Pokémon they encountered. Sudobo uses Mud Slap, but fails, for Ho-Oh continues attacking. Gold asks Crystal how would they combat them. Crystal thinks they need to observe their attacking patterns. She realizes Ho-Oh throws fire blasts, while Lugia air blasts. They both realize they are attacking together.

Lugia uses Aeroblast and Ho-Oh Sacred Fire. Crystal sees Lugia attacks after Ho-Oh, for this combined attack causes explosions. To combat them, Gold and Crystal split from each other, so Lugia and Ho-Oh will have to separate as well. Gold gets attacked by Ho-Oh, claiming it is a common mistake. However, Sudobo manages to retaliate, using Flail. The Masked Man is angry and has both Lugia and Ho-Oh attack Gold. However, Lugia gets hit, for Crystal ordered Future Sight, attacking an opponent moments later. The Masked Man is furious, but determined, for he planned all this for ten years.

His mask changes and traps Gold and Crystal, then takes Kurt. Gold and Crystal notice Masked Man is changing and growing as he captured Kurt. The Masked Man demands of Kurt a final thing: he needs to craft a Poké Ball that can capture time itself!




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