Slick Slowking (VSヤドキング VS Slowking) (known as Stop Snoring, Slowking in Chuang Yi version) is the 10th chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 13.


Gold and Crystal face Masked Man's servants, Sham and Carl. They team up to battle, though Sham and Carl allowed their Slowking and Magcargo to be asleep, for they can attack even if they sleep. Gold and Crystal make a combination attack to defeat them, but realize Carl and Sham have done something much worse.

Chapter plot

Crystal and Gold watch as Ho-Oh battles the Masked Man, Carl and Sham encourage them to see how Masked Man captures Ho-Oh. However, they are reminded and tell them to watch out for a real event. They reply after Masked Man captures Ho-Oh, he will come here. For now, they remove their uniforms and put parts of the masks, as they won't let Gold and Crystal interfere. Gold and Crystal are binded and hear a roar, as Sham and Carl brought Houndoom and Persian as reinforcements. They know well the trainer will eventually lose the will to battle once he hears the roaring sound. They praise the Masked Man, for he taught them this tactic.

Aibo manages to grab Gold's Poké Ball, sending Polibo, who hypnotizes the Pokémon to sleep. Gold and Crystal can move, but are stopped by Slowking and Magcargo, who attack even if asleep. Slowking snores and Magcargo uses Sleep Talk. Crystal sends Bonee, who uses Bone Rush, along with Polibo, who uses Water Gun. However, Magcargo and Slowking retaliate, stopping the attacks. Gold sees the attacks are too powerful. Crystal suspects Slowking and Magcargo are fearless when asleep, and will fight without the trainer's command. Carl presses a button, uploading a program.

Crystal tells Gold they must not be this defensive, else their Pokémon will become exhausted. Gold asks her to bring her Parasee, while he sends Sunbo. Crystal realizes and sends Parasee, both using Giga Drain to steal Slowking's and Magcargo's energy. The Pokémon are defeated, but see Sham and Carl are depleted of energy as well. Sham replies they are here to help Masked Man achieve his goals. Gold and Crystal see a terminal, which affects the linear car system. Two officers watch the system, knowing nothing can sabotage it, as it was crafted specifically for the league itself. However, they realizes there are Team Rocket members inside, wearing masks. They run off, but are zapped by Elekid.




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