Heckled by Hitmontop (VSカポエラー VS Hitmontop) (known as Spinning Top Hitmon Top in Chuang Yi version) is the 8th chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 13.


Chuck makes more pressure on Blue, who proves he learned much from his master and individually. Meanwhile, Silver tries to find Entei, who performs the ritual to purify Blaine. Silver tries to find Entei, but bumps into his old friend, who dismisses him to safety.

Chapter plot

Chuck sends Hitmontop, who spins and hits Rhydon, using Tricple Kick. The attack causes Hitmontop to hit Rhydon with its legs and tail, making it very hard to dodge. Rhydon uses Earthquake, which stops Hitmontop, but it jumps and continues spinning. Hitmontop aims to hit Rhydon using the horn on its head. However, Blue comes on Rhydon's back, riding it, surprising everyone, for that is a dangerous move. Rhydon's drill begins to spin. Blue closes his eyes and focuses, feeling Rhydon's movements. He senses Hitmontop and has Rhydon attack, countering its move.

Surporisingly, Rhydon's drill spins in the opposite direction as Hitmontop, causing Hitmontop to be confused and its movements countered, via Horn Drill. Blue tells Chuck one must be one with the Pokémon, by sharping the senses, to participate in the battles. Chuck calls Hitmontop back, defeated, but is pleased Blue learned the lesson. Blue thanks his master, remembering that Chuck promised him the next time they meet, they would have a good battle in which Blue would show what he learned so far.

Chuck still wonders why Blue chose Rhydon. Blue shows the book, "Secrets of the Land", a book written by the previous Gym Leader of Viridian City. He read it and tried to apply the tactics. However, he and Chuck notice some distrubance. Elsewhere, Entei uses the Flames of Life, purging Blaine's disease, who feels his bindings at Cinnabar Island falling off. Blaine feels his old partner has left Cinnabar Island and welcomes Entei as his new one. Silver sees his tracking feature yields an error. He sees Blue and Chuck handshaking each other and concludes he hates his past. A man with an Abra appears, claiming it is understandable. Silver is startled, as he claims he can teleport Silver after the battle.

Abra uses Teleport, trying to get Silver somewhere else. The man claims should Silver battle, he'd get in deeper troubles. Silver thinks he is sent by the Masked Man, but the man's face melts, claiming he is no enemy. Silver is shocked, as the man is actually Green, who had her face transformed through Ditto. Green's Abra teleports Silver away. Green is sad, but replies she is taking over what Silver has to finish. Daisy Oak appears to Bill and the director, reporting the incident with Entei.




Triple Kick


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