Entranced by Entei (VSエンテイ VS Entei) (known as Flames From Entei in Chuang Yi version) is the 7th chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 13.


While Silver tries to find Entei, Blue faces his former tutor, Chuck. Blue's Rhydon goes offensive, though Chuck counters the moves using his Fighting-type Pokémon. Blue is determined to prove his instructor what he learned from him.

Chapter Plot

The two Gyarados use Dragon Breath against Entei. Entei is hit and retaliates by blasting a fire at them. While Blue and Silver dodge, Entei disappears. Silver still feels the heat and goes to trace Entei. Blue runs, but is stopped by Daisy. Daisy saw the event and lets him know she'll report this incident, though Blue has to rush to the battlefield, as Chuck is waiting for the battle. Blue comes to the battlefield and faces Chuck, apologising for the delay. Chuck sends Machamp, while DJ Mary tells the viewers Blue was Chuck's student.

Blue sends all his Pokémon, displaying them, then chooses Rhydon to fight. Rhydon uses Horn Attack, though Machamp stops him and uses Vital Throw. DJ Mary witnesses Chuck has lured Blue's Rhydon in to attack it. Chuck calls Machamp back and sends Hitmonlee, who uses Mind Reader, allowing it to predict and counter Rhydon's moves. Rhydon tries to attack, but misses and gets kicked. Rhydon stomps on Hitmonlee, whose Reversal affects Rhydon. Blue sees his master is still strong, able to counter Blue's moves, though that strategy has not changed.

Blue came to Cianwood City to train with Chuck, as he wanted to be strong and not to be known only as Prof. Oak's grandson. Chuck restrained him, as Blue was acting too rash. Chuck still understood Blue's desire and let him chose a weapon to fight. Blue was wondering why they didn't use Pokémon to battle. Chuck yelled at him, demanding to know if he will or not train. Back at present, Blue knows well Chuck taught him trainers also need to become strong to become linked with the Pokémon. Blue decides to prove he learned that in this battle.

Meanwhile, Silver is still searching for Entei, but lost his track. Silver is certain Entei was the one who saved him and Gold from ice and Entei is working against the Masked Man. Silver leaves, though Blaine, from a distrance, keeps Entei. Blaine enters a store and lets it know he is an expert in Fire-type Pokémon. He also wishes to share info, but has one request. Blaine has one virus in his body that left him weak and asks Entei to use the "Flames of Life" to purify him.





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