Playful Porygon2 (VSポリゴン2 VS Porygon2) (known as Claws on Porygon2 in Chuang Yi version) is the 6th chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 13.


While Yellow spends time in the Day Care Center, Silver continues towards the League. He enters it and soon finds Blue. A heat wave causes them to mistake each other to have attacked each other. However, they soon find out the real culprit.

Chapter plot

Silver, knowing Masked Man's intention, surfs on Feraligatr. Through the device, he tells Lance he is heading for the Indigo League. Lance explains Silver this is the last chance to uncover the Masked Man's identity. Also, this is his last mission. Yellow, however, is greeted by the Daycare Couple, who took care of her and Wilton. Yellow remembers Jasmine gave her the address of this Daycare Center. The old man explains due to Jasmine's note, they were brought here. Yellow thanks them for saving them, but notices Pika and Chuchu have an Egg.

The old man replies they found the Egg shortly after Pika and Chuchu were put together. The old woman drags and kicks Wilton, waking him up and ordering both of them to blow the balloons. Wilton asks granny why would they do that, but the old woman kicks him, claiming it is a side job. Wilton gets intimidated, so the old man thinks she found a new victim. Yellow notices a photo and the old man replies this is a photo of him and his childhood friends.

Silver walks into the Indigo League, but the receptionists stop him. Silver shows them his badges, so the receptionists immediately allow him to pass. The receptionists think he is powerful enough to win all of them, but Silver thinks he just "borrowed" them. Silver sneaks to the doors, where the dorms of Johto and Kanto Gym Leaders are. He overhears Blue, who has been reminded his battle is about to start. Blue sees Gyara, remembering Red was feeling bad for taking his Charizard and left Gyara instead. Suddenly, he feels a heat wave and notices someone at the door. Blue comes out and sees Silver, who sends Sneasel to use Faint Attack on Blue's Porygon2.

Sneasel repeats the attack, though Porygon2 used Conversion 2, sustaining the attack. The heat wave continues, so Blue and Silver realize someone else is actually causing this phenomenon. They encounter Entei and start the battle. Daisy tries to find Blue, as his battle will start soon. She feels the heat and sees a Red and Blue Gyarados snet by both Silver and Blue.



Blue's Porygon2


Conversion 2



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