Silly Scyther (VSストライク VS Scyther) (known as Mighty Cuts, Scyther! in Chuang Yi version) is the 4th chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 13.


After Lt. Surge's and Morty's battle ended in a draw, Sabrina and Bugsy have the next battle. Bugsy's Bug Pokémon make a huge impact on Sabrina's Mr. Mime. Sabrina, however, is calm, for she has a hidden tactic, wanting to lure Bugsy in.

Chapter plot

Sabrina has faith in Lt. Surge winning. As she walks out, she hears Kurt and Maizie, who gave Bugsy a new net. Bugsy is happy, for it allows him to capture Pokémon easily and swiftly. Kurt explains once the Pokémon is caught in the net, the Poké Ball on it will instantly capture the Pokémon. Bugsy walks out and meets Sabrina, who dismisses him. Magnemite's Zap Cannon defeats Misdreavus, so Lt. Surge is the winner. However, Magnemite falls down as well. Morty explains Misdreavus used Destiny Bond, a move that makes the opponent's Pokémon faint, should the user faint.

With that battle over, the match ends in a draw. Morty thanks Lt. Surge for the fine battle, but Lt. Surge brushes him off, for he came to find the person, not giving handshakes to people. Lt. Surge comes to Sabrina, warning her the Johto Gym Leaders aren't weak. The next battle is Sabrina against Bugsy. Sabrina sends Mr. Mime, though Bugsy is confident in his Pokémon, sending Scyther. Scyther hits Mr. Mime with Fury Cutter, causing a lot of damage. Seeing Mr. Mime dodging the attacks, Bugsy calls Scyther back and sends Heracross, who hits Mr. Mime using Megahorn.

Brock, Erika and Misty know well Sabrina is unlucky and at a disadvantage, for Bug-type Pokémon are strong against Psychic-type Pokémon. Sabrina is still calm and has Mr. Mime use Confusion. Heracross endures the attack and goes to retaliate, but bumps into the air. Bugsy is shocked, for he feels an invisible force. Bugsy deduces this is an invisible house and Sabrina confirms that, for Mr. Mime created walls from air. She confirms there is a way out, but he needs to find it. Bugsy is frustrated, knowing Mr. Mime pretended to be attacked. Heracross tries to use Take Down to make a gap in the hole, but uses Endure instead.

Bugsy notices Mr. Mime used Encore, making Heracross repeat the last move. Mr. Mime uses Psybeam, hitting Heracross and defeating it. Sabrina walks away, letting Bugsy know Barrier protects a Pokémon from getting hit and restricts the opponent's moves.





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