Magnificent Magnemite (VSコイル VS Magnemite) (known as Electrifying Magnemite in Chuang Yi version) is the 3rd chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 13.


As Sabrina thinks of Red, who came on Mt. Silver, Lt. Surge and Morty battle. Lt. Surge and Morty tell each other of the goals they must achieve, making the battle even more intense, for neither side gives up.

Chapter plot

Misty is shocked and wants to know about Red. Sabrina dismisses them, replying she did not come here to share gossip with others and goes away, trying to get some rest. However, Red did come with Blue's Charizard atop Mt. Silver. He jumps into the water and advises Charizard to do the same. However, Charizard's flame on the tail causes an explosion. Sabrina told Red there are flammable gases, being produced by the lake. Red was surprised to find her there, though Sabrina replied she was looking for a cure, just like him. She asked him how as Eevee doing, so Red sent Vee, who evolved into an Espeon, but cannot shift into other forms using evolutionary stones. Still, he is glad it does not have to suffer anymore.

Sabrina went out of the lake and told Red she is going to the League, for something big is to happen there. Red asked what, but Sabrina sent Kadabra, who teleported her away. Red was angered alone, but Sabrina left him a note of another lake that can treat injuries, though the path is filled with dangers. She also left him the Spoon of Destiny. Today, Sabrina is surprised she is being kind to him. Still, she watches Lt. Surge's battle. Electabuzz uses Thunder, defeating Morty's Gastly. However, Electabuzz hits Misdreavus as well, though Misdreavus rushes to Electabuzz.

Lt. Surge orders Thunder, but Electabuzz cannot use that move. Morty replies Misdreavus used Spite, so Electabuzz cannot use Thunder anymore. Misdreavus continues with Pain Split, affecting Electabuzz, causing them to have equal amount of energy. Misdreavus uses Psywave, though Lt. Surge sends Magnemite, who takes the hit, but Lt. Surge knows well Magnemite is not as simple as it looks. Lt. Surge senses Morty used this attack because Misdreavus is badly injured. Lt. Surge exclaims the move could've been used only when the Pokémon was badly hurt, thinking Morty planned this from the start. Morty knows well this is not a simple tournament, while Lt. Surge replies he is looking for a guy to take revenge on him, making Pryce upset a bit. Morty understands his goal, for he is also trying to catch a Legendary Bird Pokémon.

Morty and Lt. Surge clash, as neither side does not want to give up. Lt. Surge orders Magnemite to use Zap Cannon.




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